Dredge learning from Harrington

Bradley Dredge jokes that Padraig Harrington still owes him a cut of his €1.1 million Open Championship windfall.

But he admits that Harrington has given him free tips on long-driving that can help him move up to the next level.

The Welshman, 34, believes the Dubliner got a massive boost in confidence when he beat him in last year’s Irish Open play-off - five weeks before going on to lift the Claret Jug at Carnoustie.

Claiming some of the credit, world No 87 Dredge joked: “It would have given him a real confidence boost. But I haven’t had the percentage cheque yet!”

Harrington’s win was the first by an Irishman in the Irish Open for 25 years.

But Dredge confessed that he looks up to Europe's latest Major winner as a role model - especially when it comes to power-hitting.

He explained: “I look at the things he does and think it’s a good thing to copy and if you can get anywhere near his performances you’ve had a good career.

“You try and find out what sort of things to work on. He’s one of the best players in the world so you go after those guys and find out what you need to do to improve.

“It’s just interesting chatting to him. You get information on what he working on. He’s quite an open person so you get information on things, such as his long hitting.

“Getting the ball out there a long way is quire an advantage now, which I would totally agree with him.

“Padraig now is very, very long and I worked hard over the winter to try and get some more length in my game.”