Europe retains Bonallack Trophy

Europe beat Asia-Pacific 20-12 to retain the Bonallack Trophy at Valderrama.

It was Europe's fourth wins in sixth editions since the competition began ten years ago.

Bonallack Trophy

Ireland's Shane Lowry lost 4 and 2 to Korea's Bi-O Kim in the singles and finished the week with 1.5 points from a possible five. 

Europe led 13.5 to 6.5 entering the third day singles and needed just three points from 12 for overall victory.

But Asia - Pacific stormed back to lead the individual tally 9.5 to 2.5 midway through the final day before Europe resolved the situation thanks to a couple of strong performances in key matches.

Scot Wallace Booth grabbed the first point in the top match before anchor man and world amateur No 1 Danny Willett crushed Australia's Rohan Blizzard 7 and 5.

The English star, who will tee it up in next week's Spanish Open on the European Tour, was four under par for the 11 holes as Europe took the singles 6.5 to 5.5.


Day 1
Europe 6 – Asia-Pacific 4 

Fourballs: Europe, 2.5 – Asia-Pacific, 2.5
Callum Macaulay (Sco)-Wallace Booth (Sco) lost to James Gill (Nzl)-Danny Lee (Nzl) 2/1

Joel Sjolholm (Swe)-Benjamin Hebert (Fra) bt Ming Chuan Chen (Tpe)-Quincy Quek (Sin) 2/1
Nigel Edwards (Wal)-Shane Lowry (Irl) halved with Varut Chonchalam (Tha)-Anthony Fernando (Phi) 
Chris Wood (Eng)-Daniel Willett (Eng) lost to Rohan Blizzard (Aus)-Tim Steward (Aus) 3/1 
Pedro Oriol (Esp)-Sean Einhaus (Ger) bt Bi-O Kim (Kor)-Yeong-Su Kim (Kor) 1up

Foursomes: Europe, 3.5 – Asia-Pacific, 1.5
Callum Macaulay (Sco)-Wallace Booth (Sco) bt Auki Ito (Jpn)-Naoyuki Tamura (Jpn) 3/1
Joel Sjolholm (Swe)-Bjorn Akesson (Swe) bt James Gill (Nzl)-Danny Lee (Nzl) 1up
Benjamin Hebert (Fra)-Alexandre Kaleka (Fra) bt Varut Chonchalam (Tha)-Anthony Fernando (Phi) 2up
Nigel Edwards (Wal)-Shane Lowry (Irl) lost to Rohan Blizzard (Aus)-Tim Steward (Aus) 1up
Chris Wood (Eng)-Daniel Willett (Eng) halved with Bi-O Kim (Kor)-Yeong-Su Kim (Kor) 

Day 2
Europe, 7.5 – Asia-Pacific, 2.5

Fourballs: Europe, 3.5 – Asia-Pacific,, 1.5
Joel Sjolholm (Swe)-Bjorn Akesson (Swe) bt James Gill (Nzl)-Danny Lee (Nzl) 2/1
Chris Wood (Eng)-Daniel Willett (Eng) bt Varut Chonchalam (Tha)-Anthony Fernando (Phi) 3/1
Pedro Oriol (Esp)-Sean Einhaus (Ger) bt Rohan Blizzard (Aus)-Tim Stewart (Aus) 4/2
Benjamin Hebert (Fra)-Alexandre Kaleka (Fra) halved with Quincy Quek (Sin)-Yuki Ito (Jpn)
Nigel Edwards (Wal)-Shane Lowry (Irl) lost to Bi-O Kim (Kor)-Yeong-Su Kim (Kor) 3/1

Foursomes: Europe, 4 – Asia Pacifico, 1
Callum Macaulay (Sco)-Wallace Booth (Sco) bt James Gill (Nzl)-Danny Lee (Nzl) 3/2
Joel Sjolholm (Swe)-Bjorn Akesson (Swe) bt Varut Chonchalam (Tha)-Naoyuki Tamura (Jpn) 3/2
Benjamin Hebert (Fra)-Alexandre Kaleka (Fra) bt Quincy Quek (Sin)-Ming-Chuan Chen (Tpe) 6/5
Nigel Edwards (Wal)-Shane Lowry (Irl) bt Rohan Blizzard (Aus)-Tim Steward (Aus) 1up
Chris Wood (Eng)-Daniel Willett (Eng) lost to Bi-O Kim (Kor)-Yeong-Su Kim (Kor) 2/1 

Day 3
Europe, 6.5 – Asia-Pacific, 5.5

Singles: Europe, 6.5 – Asia-Pacific, 5.5
Wallace Booth (Sco) bt Quincy Quek (Sin) 4/2
Bjorn Akesson (Swe) bt Naoyuki Tamura (Jpn) 1up
Joel Sjolholm (Swe) bt Anthony Fernando (Phi) 1up
Sean Einhaus (Ger) bt Yeong-Su Kim (Kor) 1up
Alexandre Kaleka (Fra) bt Danny Lee (Nzl) 1up
Daniel Willett (Eng) bt Rohan Blizzard (Aus) 7/5
Chris Wood (Eng) halved with James Gill (Nzl)
Callum Macaulay (Sco) lost to Yuki Ito (Jpn) 1up
Pedro Oriol (Esp) lost to Varut Chonchalam (Tha) 1up
Shane Lowry (Irl) lost to Bi-O Kim (Kor) 4/2
Nigel Edwards (Wal) lost to Ming-Chuan Chen (Tpe) 2/1
Benjamin Hebert (Fra) lost to Tim Stewart (Aus) 2/1 
Overall: Europe, 20 – Asia Pacific, 12