Ulster wins Girls Interprovincial Matches

Ulster crushed Connacht 8-0 at Bangor to claim the Girls Interprovincial Matches for the fourth year in a row.

Under 18 Girls Interprovincial Matches, Bangor Golf Club

Final Points Table
Ulster               3
Munster           2
Leinster           1
Connacht        0
Day 3 – Friday 28th March

Leinster 1 - 7 Munster
Carla Reynolds & Patrice Delaney lost to Sarah Cunningham & Laura McCarthy 2&1
Ciara Sharkey & Caroline Murphy lost to Sarah Crowe & Emma O’Driscoll  3&2

Carla Reynolds beat Sarah Cunningham by 1 hole
Niamh O’Connor lost to Sarah Crowe 3&1
Ciara Sharkey lost to Holli Snelling 6&5
Patrice Delaney lost to Laura McCarthy 3&1
Caroline Murphy lost to Emma O’Driscoll 6&5
Rebecca Mulholland lost to Ciara Pender by 1 hole

Connacht 0 - 8 Ulster
Hannah O’Connor & Sarah Helly lost to Victoria Bardshaw & Stephanie Meadow 2&1
Carmel O’Connor & Aishling O’Connor lost to Sarah Louise Winter & Caoimhe Quinn 2&1

Carmel O’Connor lost to Lisa Maguire 7&6
Hannah O’Connor lost to Stephanie Meadow 6&4
Sarah Helly lost to Victoria Bradshaw 5&4
Aishling O’Connor  lost to Caoimhe Quinn by 2 holes
Julie O’Gara lost to Tara Gribben 4&3
Leah Kerr lost to Agnes Doherty 7&6