Only Scots remain for Irish U16s

Having taken a narrow lead following the morning foursomes on day two of the Four Nations Development Matches at The Royal Dublin Golf Club, Ireland secured three wins and one half from the eight singles matches to halve the overall match with Wales.

After a seven matches to five win over the Netherlands on the opening day, the host nation now requires a win against Scotland on the final day to capture the trophy.

The Netherlands defeated Scotland by six and a half matches to five and a half with Jeroen Krietemeijer securing the all important point for the Dutch side with a 1 hole win over Jordyn Rhind.
Ireland 6 Wales 6
(Ireland names first)

Chris Selfridge & Paul Dunne bt Luke Jackson & Callum Roberts 4/3; Graham Donohue &
Matthew McKnight halved with Sam Dix & Rhys Pugh; Stephen Barry & Gary Collins lost to
Oliver Lewis & Mark Parry 3/2; Daniel Murphy & Dermot McElroy bt Oliver Baker & Patrick
Mullins 3/2.

Graham Donohue halved with Sam Dix; Matthew McKnight lost to Oliver Lewis 3/2; Chris
Selfridge lost to Callum Roberts 1 hole; Paul Dunne bt Rhys Pugh 5/4; Daniel Murphy bt
Luke Jackson 5/3; Dermot McElroy bt Patrick Mullins 4/3; Gary Collins lost to Oliver
Baker 2 holes; Stephen Barry lost to Mark Parry 2 holes.

Scotland 5 1/2 Netherlands 6 1/2
(Scotland names first):

Andrew McLachlan & Shaun Connor lost to Walt v/d Kolk & Jeroen Krietemeijer 4/3; Paul
McPhee & Ian Redford bt Miech Hoogendijk & Michael Kraaij 3/2; Callum Stewart & Jordyn
Rhind lost to Max Albertus & Robert Frijling 2/1; Jack Scott & Scott Gibson lost to
Robbie van West & Rowin Caron 2/1.

Andrew McLachlan bt Walt v/d Kolk 1 hole; Paul McPhee bt Miech Hoogendijk 4/3; Ian
Redford lost to Max Albertus 3/2; Shaun Connor lost to Robert Frijling 3/2; Jordyn Rhind
lost to Jeroen Krietemeijer 1 hole; Scott Gibson halved with Rowin Caron; Callum Stewart
bt Robbie van West 2/1; Jack Scott bt Michael Kraaij 3/2.


Draw for Friday 28th March 2008

Netherlands v Wales
(Netherlands names first):

Foursomes (7.30am):
Robbie van West & Rowin Caron v Callum Roberts & Mark Parry
Michael Kraaij & Miech Hoogendijk v Sam Dix & Oliver Baker
Jeroen Krietemeijer & Walt v/d Kolk v Luke Jackson & Patrick Mullins
Robert Frijling & Max Albertus v Rhys Pugh & Oliver Lewis

Singles (12.10pm):
Robbie van West v Sam Dix
Rowin Caron v Mark Parry
Jeroen Krietemeijer v Callum Roberts
Michael Kraaij v Oliver Baker
Robert Frijling v Oliver Lewis
Miech Hoogendijk v Luke Jackson
Max Albertus v Patrick Mullins
Walt v/d Kolk v Rhys Pugh

Ireland v Scotland
(Ireland names first):

Foursomes (8.02am):
Chris Selfridge & Paul Dunne v Paul McPhee & Ian Redford
Graham Donohue & Matthew McKnight v Andrew McLachlan & Shaun Connor
Stephen Barry & Gary Collins v Jack Scott & Scott Gibson
Daniel Murphy & Dermot McElroy v Jordyn Rhind & Callum Stewart

Singles (12.50pm):
Chris Selfridge v Andrew McLachlan
Paul Dunne v Ian Redford
Dermot McElroy v Paul McPhee
Daniel Murphy v Shaun Connor
Matthew McKnight v Scott Gibson
Graham Donohue v Jordyn Rhind
Gary Collins v Jack Scott
Stephen Barry v Callum Stewart