Ireland starts well in U16 Four Nations

Ireland stormed back in the singles to beat Holland 7-5 on the first day of the Four Nations Under 16 Development Matches at Royal Dublin.

The home side trailed 3-1 after the foursomes but won six of the eight singles clashes to start their campaign on a positive note in the round robin event.

Scotland beat Wales 7 1/2 - 4 1/2 in the other match and will take on Holland on Thursday.

26-28 MARCH 2008

Results, Wednesday 26th March 2008:

Ireland 7 Netherlands 5 (Ireland names first):

Chris Selfridge & Dermot McElroy lost to Walt v/d Kolk & Robert Frijling 2 holes;
Paul Dunne & Gary Collins lost to Miech Hoogendijk & Michael Kraaij 3/1;
Graham Donohue & Matthew McKnight bt Max Albertus & Jeroen Krietemeijer 4/3;
Stephen Barry & Daniel Murphy lost to Robbie van West & Rowin Caron 5/4.

Chris Selfridge bt Max Albertus 3/2;
Paul Dunne bt Robert Frijling 4/3;
Graham Donohue bt Miech Hoogendijk 6/4;
Stephen Barry bt Walt v/d Kolk 5/4;
Dermot McElroy lost to Jeroen Krietemeijer 1 hole;
Matthew McKnight lost to Rowin Caron 5/4;
Daniel Murphy bt Robbie van West 1 hole;
Gary Collins bt Michael Kraaij 1 hole.

Scotland 7 1/2 Wales 4 1/2
(Scotland names first):

Andrew McLachlan & Shaun Connor bt Luke Jackson & Callum Roberts 1 hole; Paul McPhee &
Ian Redford lost to Sam Dix & Rhys Pugh 4/2; Callum Stewart & Jordyn Rhind bt Oliver
Lewis & Mark Parry 4/3; Scott Gibson & Jack Scott bt Oliver Baker & Patrick Mullins 1

Andrew McLachlan lost to Sam Dix 2 holes; Paul McPhee lost to Oliver Lewis 1 hole; Ian
Redford bt Callum Roberts 2/1; Shaun Connor lost to Rhys Pugh 4/3; Jordyn Rhind bt Luke
Jackson 2/1; Scott Gibson halved with Patrick Mullins; Callum Stewart bt Oliver Baker
5/4; Jack Scott bt Mark Parry 2/1.

Draw for Thursday 27th March 2008:

Ireland v Wales
(Ireland names first)

Foursomes (7.30am):
Chris Selfridge & Paul Dunne v Luke Jackson & Callum Roberts
Graham Donohue & Matthew McKnight v Sam Dix & Rhys Pugh
Stephen Barry & Gary Collins v Oliver Lewis & Mark Parry
Daniel Murphy & Dermot McElroy v Oliver Baker & Patrick Mullins

Singles (12.10pm):
Graham Donohue v Sam Dix
Matthew McKnight v Oliver Lewis
Chris Selfridge v Callum Roberts
Paul Dunne v Rhys Pugh
Daniel Murphy v Luke Jackson
Dermot McElroy v Patrick Mullins
Gary Collins v Oliver Baker
Stephen Barry v Mark Parry

Scotland v Netherlands
(Scotland names first):

Foursomes (8.02am):
Andrew McLachlan & Shaun Connor v Walt v/d Kolk & Jeroen Krietemeijer
Paul McPhee & Ian Redford v Miech Hoogendijk & Michael Kraaij
Callum Stewart & Jordyn Rhind v Max Albertus & Robert Frijling
Jack Scott & Scott Gibson v Robbie van West & Rowin Caron

Singles (12.50pm):
Andrew McLachlan v Walt v/d Kolk
Paul McPhee v Miech Hoogendijk
Ian Redford v Max Albertus
Shaun Connor v Robert Frijling
Jordyn Rhind v Jeroen Krietemeijer
Scott Gibson v Rowin Caron
Callum Stewart v Robbie van West
Jack Scott v Michael Kraaij