By Brian Keogh

Rookie Marc Warren ended up in hospital at the Seve Trophy when he smashed a glass chandelier with a practice swing.

The Scot, 26, connected with a five-iron in his hotel suite at The Heritage Golf & Spa Resort on Thursday night, bringing the chandelier crashing down on top of him.

Warren needed stitches to a deep cut to his abdomen and also suffered five minor cuts on his arms and a nick to his forehead,

Red-faced, Warren said: "I wish I had used a six-iron - I'd have missed it. There was plenty of blood and a towel I held to my stomach was covered when I arrived at the hospital.

"The only thing that hurt was the scratch on my head."

Warren was due to go out for dinner with team mate Bradley Dredge but called to cancel the dinner and then alerted playing partner Colin Montgomerie and skipper Nick Faldo.

The incident happened at about 7.15 pm in his ground floor room in the five-star Heritage Hotel in Killenard.