Harrington buys Open memorabilia

From Brian Keogh in Tulsa

Padraig Harrington looks set to spend major money on Open Championship memorabilia.

The Dubliner has been snowed under with requests for souvenirs of his Open win at Carnoustie three weeks ago.

Autograph hunters working for on-line auction sites have been begging him to sign hundreds of items "for their grandkids".

But Harrington plans to do his bit for charity by getting his hands on tons of merchandise - including 1,000 18th green Carnoustie pin flags costing €22 each.

He's also ordered three replica Claret Jugs worth €13,000 apiece and tried to buy as many posters, paintings and prints as he can.

Harrington revealed: "I've been asking players like Zach Johnson and asking what they did in terms of memorabilia and nobody can quite get the figure on it.

"Certainly I've heard somebody who bought 500 flags and they said they didn't have enough. I'm trying to buy up, you know, flags and posters and prints and things like that.

"You know, cost-wise, I'm not sure. I don't know about the trophies what you get. I've heard from one to three replicas, I'm not really sure.

"I'm sure there will be so many requests for a long time to come, but as a first-time winner, I have no idea what I need.

"And as I said, the only thing you can do is ask other players. I've heard 500 has been nowhere near enough, so that's why I've ordered 1,000."

Asked if they were all for charity, Harrington joked: "Well, I haven't got 1,000 friends, no."