Jet set Harrington

By Brian Keogh

Open champion Padraig Harrington isn't rushing to buy his own private jet.

The Dubliner says he is still studying his options but reckons he would have to wait until 2010 for delivery of a brand new jet.

With massive demands on his time after his victory at Carnoustie, he confessed that he will be flying private more than ever before.

He said: "Whether I go down the road of owning a plane or taking part ownership of a plane, I don't know.

"In the first year with their being more demands on my time, it might not be economical but it might be sensible.

"I am looking at my schedule and deciding what's best at the moment. But even if I did want to buy a new plane, it would be 2010 before I get it.

"I use private plane here in Ireland which is owned by a private individual and run by Premier Aviation.

"When I go to the US, I fly in commercially and then use private planes for short hop trips.

"One of the problems is that takes at least six months to get a plane, even a second hand one."

Golfing superstars such as Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Ernie Els all own private jets.

But Harrington has been put off by the high costs of keeping a jet in Ireland.