How Harrington won the play-off

The Open play-off - shot by shot
How it happened.

1st 406 yards Par 4
18:46 Harrington goes first and blasts a five-wood down the right hand side. Garcia opts for an iron, hits it slightly heavy and finishes in the semi-rough on the right.

Garcia has 162 yards to the flag but semi-plugs his ball in the front right bunker. Smelling blood, Harrington rifles his 150-yard approach to 12 feet. Garcia just makes the edge of the green but fails to hole his right to left 18 footer. Harrington rolls his putt home for birdie.
Harrington -1, Garcia +1

16th 248 yards, Par 3
19:00 Harrington tugs his rescue club into the swale left of the green and leaves himself a tough up and down. Garcia pulls an iron and hit the pin! Harrington recovers to three feet with the putter and looks on as Garcia comes up short with his attempt. Two pars.
Harrington -1, Garcia +1

17th 461 yards, Par 4
19:08 Harrington opts for his utility club off the tee again and finds the short stuff. Garcia draws a long iron and creeps past Harrington's tee shot. "Nobody likes a play-off," says Miguel Angel Jimenez. "But it's exciting." Harrington rifles a 225 yard approach to less than six feet. Harrington walks onto the green to huge cheers, raising his cap in a psychological signal to Garcia that he was the man. Garcia's 25 footer grazes the hole but stays out. Harrington's putt curls from right to left but misses low. Two pars
Harrington -1, Garcia +1

18th 499 yards, Par 4
19:20 After his nightmare with the driver in regulation, Harrington and Ronan Flood decide to take the rescue club in the play-off but leaves himself over 240 yards to the front of the green.

Garcia takes the driver for the first time since the 10th hole in regulation play but pulls his drive into the left rough. Harrington decides to lay up with a seven-iron. With Caroline Harrington looking on with Rory McIlroy, Garcia rips an incredible approach into the heart of the green and has 25 feet for birdie. Harrington has 102 yards to the hole but tugs it 30 feet away. His putt for the Open slides three and a half feet past the hole.

Garcia's putt tracks towards the hole but misses by a hair's breadth. He holes the four footer back.

Harrington must hole his yard and half putt for the Open. It tracks into the middle of the hole. Ireland's 60-year wait for a Major win is over.