Harrington's Open Saturday

(Nice going out there?)
Not bad at all. I started well, played nicely and hit a lot of nice putts that could have dropped. I would have felt a lot better if I was five under. A 68 is a nice return but it is not quite good enough to get right in there and left it in Sergio's hands.

(Need it to blow a hooley?)
Then you are looking for somebody to come back. If it is a nice day, maybe somebody can go forward. I will just have to put up with whatever I get. I don't have a choice in the weather so I am not thinking about it.

I do feel I have a low round in me. I have to stay patient and let it happen.

(You can catch Sergio?)
It is possible but a lot depends on him. He is well in command in this tournament. If he plays the same golf for the next 24 holes you will be trying to catch 14 under par. It is possible to catch seven under par, eight under or nine under. But if he moves away now he is taking everyone out.

( Paul, great to see him)
Absolutely. Maybe myself and Paul could take him on betterball tomorrow (Laughter)

(Eight iron to the 18th, brought back memories of going OB to Stephen Dundas. - I will remember that shot forever. Same spot)

It is irrelevant what size margin I can tolerate. It is a question of what score will win the tournament. If they get to double figures, it is a long shot to win. If the winning score tomorrow is seven under par, it can be done.

(At Muirfield you were five behind)

That's a nice memory I hadn't thought of that. I just have to keep playing the way I played today and wait and be patient for a couple of putts to drop. You get on a run and you don't think you can miss. All of a sudden you can shoot five or six under par. Any more than that and you are really pushing.

I know I can do it if I get on that run and my focus is good.

(Like some wind?)
I won't be complaining about the wind but Sergio is one of the better strikers of the ball and he won't be that unhappy about the wind either.