McGinley backs drug testing

By Brian Keogh

Paul McGinley wants mandatory drug testing for European golf - to prove it's clean.

Gary Player claimed this week that he knows of at 10 drugs cheats on tour.

But McGinley said: "Honestly, honestly, hand on heart, I don't know anybody who does or anybody who's ever talked about it.

"Bring it in. I have nothing to hide. I'm a hundred percent for it.

"Who am I to say if Gary Player is right or wrong.

"There's one way of clearing up the situation, have the drug testing. Every other sport does it. Why doesn't golf have it?"

A member of the European Tour's players committee, McGinley added: "I think that will happen as a matter of time. But it's a very complicated thing.

"For example, I have really bad hay-fever and the medication that the doctor gave to me I had to bring to the people who are doing the drug testing and they checked it on the computer.

"It's not just simply a case of a doctor gives you something. You've got to be very, very careful."