Higgins relying on links roots

By Brian Keogh

Links lover David Higgins insists his lack of firepower won't be a problem in his first Major.

The Waterville wonderboy, 34, might be one of the shortest hitters in the field but he’s also the straightest.

And after two days rest at home, he hopes his laser like accuracy and links pedigree will give him an edge around 7,421 yard Carnoustie

After bashing his first drive straight down the middle, Higgins said: "As long as the weather is not too bad, I feel I can compete here.

"My ball flight suits this course. I hit it low and keep it out of the wind and it runs. As long as I keep hitting it straight I will be fine."

Most players would trade length for accuracy on a course featuring over 100 menacing pot bunkers - each one a penalty shot.

But Higgins has an advantage in that department and he's feeling mentally fresh too after sharing fourth place behind Padraig Harrington in the Irish PGA Championship on Saturday.

As he headed out for his first practice round, he said: "I went home to Waterville after the Irish PGA and I am fresh as a daisy now.

"I have played in plenty of big tournaments but this is different - this is special. I am enjoying every minute of it so far."

With no tour card, Higgins has managed to get 12 tour starts this year and earned over €80,000.

But a big week in Scotland could give him enough cash to regain his card.

Set to tee off at 6.41 tomorrow, he said: "It's down to business and I feel at home here on this turf. I feel comfortable on it.

"This week I have a job to do and a great chance. There is no reason why I can't do well.

“There is a chance to make a good cheque as well and with good focus and good preparation I think I can do well here."