Bjorn warning for Irish Open bosses

By Brian Keogh

Reds fan Thomas Bjorn has sent an SOS to Irish Open chiefs: Don’t put the frighteners on the players.

But the straight-talking Dane is even more worried about what happens in tonight's Champions League showdown between his beloved Liverpool and AC Milan.

And unlike the 2005 final, Bjorn is certain to stick it out in front of the TV right to the end.

That time, Bjorn watched the decider at Darren Clarke’s house but stormed out at halftime as Milan took a 3-0 lead.

As Liverpool clawed their way back, Clarke continued to send text messages to the Dane, who ended up missing the greatest comeback in Liverpool's storied history.

Red-faced at the memory, Bjorn said: “One thing for sure, AC Milan won't think they have it won if they go 3-0 up.

“In fact, I think Liverpool will win tomorrow. I just think there is something abut them at the moment. The have been focussed on this for such a long time and they do have the quality.

“I think everybody was impressed with Milan against Man United because nobody gave them a chance.

“Before the semi everyone thought United were going to go through AC Milan because their players are old. But all of a sudden they showed how good they are.

“Liverpool won't make the same mistake as United. They won't play as open as United do. They will play a lot harder football than United and that suits European football.

“All Liverpool and Manchester United fans are happy that they are not meeting each other. The loser of that final would have found it a bit difficult.”

As for the Irish Open, Bjorn believes that Adare Manor was so tough for last week’s Irish Open that some stars might be reluctant to come back.

Bjorn is worried that the players might turn their backs on the Irish Open if the heavy rough makes a reappearance in 2008.

He warned: “You have got to be very careful when you are wedged between The Players and the PGA that you make it attractive to the players.

“With May weather, you never know what you are going to get. So you have got to make sure the golf course is adjustable to that kind of weather.

“Last week I thought the course was right on the edge. They moved the tees up on the last three days and what score did you get? Five under winning and just and three guys under par?

“The tournament got saved by Padraig winning. Everybody was happy because that is the winner than everybody wanted - except Bradley Dredge probably. So that saved the day.

“They just need to be careful because it is a good golf course and it is in a great place. It has all the ingredients for becoming a good tournament.”

As a massive Liverpool fan, Bjorn is looking forward to tonight’s Champions League showdown with AC Milan as much as the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth.