Harrington goes for the Torpedo

By Brian Keogh

Padraig Harrington has been using a Torpedo to rediscover his touch on the greens.

The Dubliner used the new-fangled shaft in his putter to knock in 12 single putts on his way to a 66 in last week's Wachovia Championship.

At the time he said he had no idea what the new shaft was called but joked that it was so good it ought to be banned.

He said: "It has two lead weights right at the top just underneath the grip, and it changes the dynamics of the putter substantially."

A little research reveals that the Torpedo shaft is the invention of Timothy Winey and has been tested by Dr Paul Hurrion at his biomechanics laboratory in Coventry.

Harrington uses Hurrion to check every aspect of his putting stroke and the good doctor has become a big fan of the new Torpedo Putter.

Inventor Winey said: "After years of painstaking research, patent applications, field-testing and refinement, Padraig, a man of vision and a very keen nose for BS, went with science.

" I have prototypes in development that are also conforming that make my 12-year-old son putt better than any pro, including Padraig."