Padraig Harrington gave caddie Ronan Flood a naked woman as a house-warming present - and it cost him thousands.

Some like it hotBut relax! It's only a pop art painting of movie icon Marliyn Monroe, who has been given two Mickey Mouse heads instead of breasts by whacky American painter Ron English.

Former banker Flood, 30, has picked up a tasty share of the Dubliner's $10 million tournament earnings since they joined forces three years ago.

And while he cherishes their six wins and two Ryder Cup victories together, he is just as pleased with his limited edition painting by English - one of the most controversial artists around.

Flood revealed: "I wouldn't say I have become an art collector but I did get a nice piece as a wedding present.

"I saw a copy of it in someone's house one and thought: 'If I was ever going to buy a picture, that is what I would buy myself.'

"I am not into art but it is a picture I would like to look at. And when Padraig and I might see a piece of art, I'd say that the only one I would be bothered with would be a Ron English."

Harrington bought a limited edition part of the Monroe series for his best pal but stressed that it was not something he's hang in his Rathmichael mansion.

He beamed: "It's really nice but it wouldn't really go with the decor at my house."
Flood married Susie Gregan, the sister of Harrington's wife Caroline, early this year.

Flood added: "It's a very generous present and Suzie and I are going to put it up on the wall of our apartment when we move in there after the Masters."