Baldomero worried as Seve pulls out of K Club

By Brian Keogh
Spanish ace Seve Ballesteros has pulled out of next week's Smurfit European Open at the K Club.

The great maestro is in a reported to be depressed after his first round disqualification at Fota Island, where he shot an 89.

But his manager and brother, Baldomero Ballesteros, has slammed the European Tour for describing his exit as 'ignominious' or shameful on its website.

Stormed Baldomero: "I haven't spoken with Seve but what happened in the Irish Open is very sad.

"But I am more worried by the web page of the European Tour and an adjective used to describe Severiano that is not appropriate.

"I am speaking with tranquillity and from a distance and I am measuring my words when I say that the word 'ignominy' was unnecessary.

"What happened on the 18th and with the scorecard was a simple error that could have happened to anybody.

"If a journalist that is a free agent had used that adjective you might be able to understand it, but it is not acceptable coming from the European Tour's own website.

"I think it is terrible. I take a great deal of interest in these things and when I saw the word 'ignominy' I was very surprised. I can only assume that it was a slip of the pen."

Ballesteros signed for a 10 at the 18th hole when in fact he had made a 12 after hitting four balls into the lake.
Baldomero added: "The American PGA Tour never attacks its players on its website and I can't understand why the European Tour would do it.

"Seve doesn't deserve that adjective (understanding ignominy for ignominious)."

The European Tour site wrote: " Seve Ballesteros .. shot an 89 before suffering the ignominy of disqualification."

The site changed to the word 'ignominy' for 'disappointment' when it learnt of the Baldomero's displeasure yesterday morning.

"I could also say something very similar about them (the Tour). Who do they think they are? It is thanks to Severiano and his achievements on the golf course that they have their jobs," he stormed.

According to his brother, Seve is extremely depressed and has turned off his mobile phone since flying out of Ireland early yesterday.

"In the circumstances he probably feels that it is better to come back home. He went into the Irish Open with a lot of illusion, not to win the tournament of course, but because he wanted to give something back to the Irish people who have given him great support and continue to follow him.

"I don't know if he is going to give up golf. Only Seve knows that.

"He still believes that he is going to recover. What is sure is that for him, leaving golf would be easier than continuing. But he is probably going to continue I would say.

"In a way his heart is in Ireland. There were a lot of people following him yesterday. He went over there to say thank you in some way to the people.

"The person who feels sorriest over all this is Seve himself. He is terribly upset, I know. He's a great person but I don't know if he will ever get back to the way he as before, But one thing is sure, he won't have another score like that."

Baldomero feels that Seve has pulled out of the Smurfit European Open because he is disenchanted with his game.

"Everything he does is looked at under the magnifying glass and although I haven't spoken to him, to avoid another bad experience such as the round at Fota Island he has probably decided that it is better to come home and reflect.

"It is impossible for him to have another score like that and to suggest that he was trying to pretend he had a 10 is ridiculous. What difference does it make to have an 87 or an 89? If he wanted to pull out of the tournament all he has to say is "sorry but I will not be playing tomorrow. I do not feel up to it."