Hoey bids to out-putt Padraig

Michael Hoey is hell bent on breaking Padraig Harrington’s putting record – on a metal strip.

Like Harrington, Hoey has been using a four-foot long polished metal ‘ruler’ to practice his putting.

Players must produce a perfect stroke to roll the ball along the entire length of the narrow strip of metal.

The problem is that it narrows at one end, causing badly-struck putts to fall off the ruler before they reach then end.

Hoey said: “It’s almost impossible going towards the narrow end. But Padraig has the record - 23 putts in a row - and my target is to beat that.”

The Belfast hope is in Spain for week’s second stage of the European Tour Qualifying School.

But he’s hoping some recent lessons from putting guru Harold Swash will help him achieve his goal.