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West of Ireland 1956

Co Sligo Golf Club, March 31 to April 3, 1956

The Sligo Champion of April 7 reported as follows: 

Carr's Wins Seventh West of Ireland Golf Title 

"In one of the most entertaining and interesting finals of the West of Ireland Golf Championship seen at Rosses Point for several years past, Joe Carr, the comparatively youthful and tall and wiry player from Sutton Golf Club, Dublin, had a four and three victory over fellow Walker Cup player, Cecil Ewing (Co. Sligo) on Tuesday afternoon .

"It was really a tremendous battle between these two great golfers, and tho unusually large gallery who walked the lengthy circuit of the sun-drenched course twice that day will remember it, especially for the stroke of fate which left the local hero seven down after the morning eighteen and the grim determination and tenacity with which he fought back during the afternoon round to reduce the deficit to four down at the fifteenth where Carr won his seventh ''West of Ireland" on his tenth appearance in the event. It was Ewing's 32nd time to contest the Championship, his seventeenth appearance in the final and his third time to meet the Sutton man in the final...."

The Sligo Champion' s April 7 report of Joe Carr's 1956 West of Ireland win

The Sligo Champion's April 7 report of Joe Carr's 1956 West of Ireland win


J.B. Carr (Sutton) beat R.C Ewing (Co Sligo) 4 and 3


Carr beat Ryan one up, 
Ewing beat McErvell 4 and 3.


Carr beat Conway 3 and 2. 
Ryan beat O'Beirne 2 and 1. 
McErvel beat Gill  4 and 3. 
Ewing beat Leyden 4 and 3.

Fourth Round

Carr beat Nesbitt 1 up. 
Conway beat McCarthy 4 and 3. 
Ryan beat O'Halloran 1 up. 
O'Beirne beat Winston 4 and 3. 
McErvel beat Caldwell 1 up. 
Gill beat Quigley 3 and 2. 
Leyden beat O'Dwyer 7 and 6. 
Ewing beat Foster 2 and 1.

Third round

A. Nesbitt (Malone) beat J.N. Mehigan (Royal Dublin) 3 and 2. 
J. B. Carr (Sutton) beat R. Sunderland (Woodbrook) 6 and 5. 
D.J. McCarthy (Clontarf) beat F. Gallagher (Co. Louth) 5 and 4. 
P.J. Conway (Co. Sligo) beat H.F. Smith (Carlow) 5 and 4. 
D. Ryan (Portmarnock) w.o. H.G. Barnwall (Castle) scr. 
M.B. O'Halloran (Royal Dublin) beat P. Ryan (Tuam) 5 and 3.
B. O'Beirne (Swinford) beat J. Cribben (Foxrock) 6 and 5.
F.J. Winston (Milltown) beat J Harrington (Adare Manor) 3 and 2. 
J. C. McErvel (Malone) bent F. McGuickian (City of Derry) 6 and 5. 
J. Caldwell (Portmarnock) beat W.J. Ferguson (Malone) 2 and 1. 
J. Quigley (Ballina) beat F. Glynn (Tuam) 4 and 3. 
W.J. Gill (Portmarnock) beat E. A. Firth (Sutton) 1 up. 
P. Leyden (Spanish Point) beat K.P. O'Flanagan (Portmarnock) 4 and 3. 
D. O'Dwyer (Portmarnock) beat M. Green (Ballinamore) 4 and 2. 
M. Foster (Co. Sligo) beat G.E. Anderson (Co. Sligo) 5 and 4. 
R.C. Ewing (Co. Sligo) beat J.P. McCann (Headfort) 5 and 4.

Second round

I.A. Nesbitt (Malone) beat H.A.J. Roughan(Co. Sligo) 8 and 6. 
J. Mehigan (Royal Dublin) beat D.W. Firth (Sutton) 3 and 2. 
J. B. Carr (Sutton) beat G.A. Hamlett (Co. Sligo) 5 and 4. 
R. Sunderland (Woodbrook) beat F. Coen (Athlone) 4 and 3. 
D. J. McCarthy (Clontarf) beat A. Murphy (Dundalk) 2 and 1. 
F. Gallagher (Dundalk) beat A. Byrne (Skerries) 3 and 2. 
R. Campbell (Sutton) beat H.B. Smith (Royal Dublin) 3 and 2. 
P.J. Conway (Co. Sligo) beat I.H. McCaw (Royal Co. Down) 4 and 3. 
J. G. Barnwall (Castle) beat B.J. Halpenny (Dundalk) 4 and 3. 
D. Ryan (Portmarnock) beat B. Moylett (Ballina) 2 up. 
P Ryan (Tuam) beat P. Hillery (Lahinch) at the 19th. 
A.B. O'Halloran (Co Cavan) beat W.A. Tynan  ( Portarlington). 
B. O'Beirne (Swinford) beat G.I. Cullinan (Elm Park) 2 and 1. 
J. Cribben (Foxrock) beat D. Monaghan (Carrick-on-Shannon) 5 and 4. 
J. Harrington (Adare Manor) beat  J.I. Bamford (Royal Portrush) 2 and 1. P.J. Winston (Milltown) beat Koss 6 and 5. 
McErvel beat Smith 3 and 2. 
F. Guickian (City of Derry) beat A. P. Mullery (Sutton) 3 and 2. 
W.J.  Ferguson (Malone) beat O. Carty (Grange) 5 and 4. 
J. Caldwell (Portmnrnook) beat G. Jackson (City of Derry) 3 and 2. 
F. Glynn (Tuam) beat J. Finn (Co Sligo) 2 and 1. 
J. Quigley (Ballina) beat H. McCabe (Tuam) 6 and 5.
E.A. Firth (Sutton) beat J. O'Sullivan (Athlone) 2 and 1. 
W.J. Gill (Portmarnock) beat E.T. O'Hanlon (Co Cavan) 4 and 3. 
P. Leyden (Spanish Point) beat J. Heaton (Athlone) 7 and 6. 
K. O'Flanagan (Portmarnock) beat E. Power (Strandhill) at 19th. 
D. O'Dwyer (Portmarnock) beat J.F. Binchy (Co. Cavan) 6 and 5. 
M. Breen (Ballinamore) beat J. Barry-Ross (Royal Portrush) 1 up. 
M. Foster (Co. Sligo) w.o. P. Barry (Enniskillen) scr. 
A. Anderson (Co. Sligo) beat F. Kelly (Co. Sligo) 3 and 2.
R. C. Ewing (Co. Sligo beat G. McCambridge (Woodbrook) 3 and 2. 
J.P. McCann (Headfort) beat P O'Beirne (Galway) 2 and 1.

First round

E. Kos (Co. Sligo) beat M. Wright (Rossmore) 3 and 2. 
D. Smith (Co. Cavan) beat L. Golden (Westport) 1 up
J.G McErvel (Malone) beat B. Murphy (Clones) 5 and 4.