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West of Ireland 1955

Co Sligo GC, April 9-12

Ian Forsythe, a 32-year old Belfast psychologist, claimed the title from 22-year old Terry Hegarty by 3 and 1 in the 36-hole final. Forsythe beat holder Joe Carr in the semi-final as Hegarty defeated ten-time champion, Cecil Ewing. 


W.I. Forsythe (Malone) bt T. Hegarty (Royal Dublin) 3 and 1.


Forsythe beat Carr, 1 up
Hegarty beat Ewing, 1 up.

Fifth round

J. B. Carr (Sutton)  beat A. F. Byrne (Skerries), 5 and 3
W. I. Forsythe (Malone) beat D. Ryan (Portmarnock), 1 up
T D Hegarty (Royal Dublin) beat B  Donnellan (U.C.D.), 2 and 1
R. C. Ewing (Co. Sligo) beat W.J.J. Ferguson (Malone), 1 up.

Fourth round

Byrne bt. Brennan, 4 and 3. 
Carr bt. Livingstone, 2 and 1. 
Forsythe bt. Koss 2 up. 
Ryan bt. Caldwell 2 and 1. 
Hegarty bt. Murphy 3 and 1. 
Donnellan bt. Burke 2 and 1. 
Ferguson bt. Conway, 6 and 4. 
Ewing bt. Gallacher 3 and 2

Third Round

Dr. P. Brennan (Galway) bt. E. Power (Strandhill) 5 and 4. 
A. F. Byrne (Skerries) bt. W.A. Tynan (Portarlington) 2 and 1
J.B. Carr (Sutton) holder, beat B. Moylett (Ballina) 1 up. 
S. H. Livingstone (Rathfarnham) bt. E. Pan de Soraluce (Portmarnock), 5 and 3. 
W.I. Forsythe (Malone) bt C.J. Hosty (Galway) 3 and 2. 
E. Koss (Co. Sligo) bt. P. Governey (Carlow) 2 and 1. 
J. Caldwell (Portmarnock) bt. J. Jackson (City of Derry) 4 and 3. 
D. Ryan (Portmamock) bt. D.J. O'Dwyer (Portmarnock) 3 and 2. 
T. D. Hegarty (Royal Dublin) bt. M P. Breen (Ballinamore), 4 and 3
P. P. Murphy (Dundalk) bt. J. Abernethy (Galway) at 19th. 
B. Donnellan (U.C.D.) bt. P. Brady (Enniskillen) 1 up.
F. M. Burke (Cill Dara) bt. V.K. Nolan (Portmarnock) 4 and 3.
W.J. Ferguson (Malone) bt. W.J. Phelan (Portmarnock), 4 and 3.
P.J. Conway (Co. Sligo) bt. C.E Anderson (Co. Sligo), 2 and 1. 
R.C. Ewing (Co. Sligo) bt. B. H. Lenihan (Milltown) 5 and 4. 
F. Gallacher (Co. Louth) bt. R. A. Christie (Boyle) 2 and 1. 

Second Round

F. Power (Strandhill) beat H.A. Roughan (County Sligo) 4 and 3. 
P. Brennan (Galway) beat R.M. Craigan (Malone) 5 and 4. 
A.P. Byrne (Skerries) beat F.X. Kelly (Portmarnock) 3 and 2. 
W.A. Tynan (Portarlington) beat P. O'Beirn (Galway) at the 19th. 
J.B. Carr (Sutton) beat V.M. Wright (Rossmore) 3 and 2. 
B. Moylett (Ballina) beat T.P. Fitzpatrick (Sutton) 5 and 4. 
S.H. Livingston (Rathfarnham). w.o. T.A. Quinn (Portmarnock) scr. 
E. Pan de Soraluce (Portmarnock) beat F.J. Winston (Portmarnock) 3 and 2. 
C. Hosty (Galway) beat W.I. Bailey (Rathfarnham) 2 and 1. 
W.I. Forsythe (Malone) beat G.A. Hamlet (Co. Sligo) 6 and 5.
P. Governey (Carlow) beat P. Glynn (Tuam) 3 and 2. 
J. Caldwell (Portmarnock) beat F.P.E.  Smith (Cavan) 6 and 5. 
E. Koss (Co. Sligo) beat P. Comas (Tipperary) 7 and 6.
G. Jackson (City of Derry) w.o. J. Finan (Co. Sligo) scr. 
D. J. O'Dwyer (Portmarnock), w.o. G.H. Owens (Skerries), scr. 
D. Ryan beat J. Nolan 7 and 6. 
M.P. Breen beat J.D. Kirkwood, 8 and 7. 
T.D. Hegarty beat H.L. Hansard (Belvoir Park) 4 and 3. 
J. Abernethy (Galway) w.o. P. O'Flynn (Rossmore) scr
P.P. Murphy (Dundalk), w.o. R.H. Britt (Rossmore) scr. 
P. Brady (Enniskillen) beat B.P. Malone (Sutton) 2 and 1. 
B. Donnellan (Dundalk) beat C.W.L. McCaw (Portmarnock) 2 and 1. 
V. Nolan (Portmarnock) beat J. Duffy (Rossmore) at 19th
F.M. Burke (Cill Dara) beat V.W. Keane (Castlerea) 3 and 2. 
W.J. Phelan (Portmarnock) beat M. Foster (Co. Sligo) 4 and 3. 
W.J.J. Ferguson (Malone) beat H. de Lacy Staunton (Castlerea), 6 and 5. 
C.E. Anderson (Co. Sligo) beat J. Mehigan (Mullingar), 7 and 6. 
P.J. Conway (Co. Sligo) beat J. Hickey (Balllnasloe), 3 and 2. 
H.B. Lenihan (Milltown) beat W. A.J. Kinkead (Malone), 5 and 4. 
R. C. Ewing (Co. Sligo) beat D.M. Murphy (Dundalk) 6 and 5. 
F. Gallagher (Co. Louth) beat B. O'Beirne (Swinford) at 19th. 
R. A. Christy (Boyle) beat K. Henry (Swinford).

First Round

D. J. O'Dwyer (Portmarnock) beat A. R. Kinnaird (Malone), 5 and 4. 
D Ryan (Portmarnock). w.o. P. Ryan (Tuam) scr. 
J. Nolan (Ballinasloe) beat M. Harvey (Bundoran) 2 and 1. 
M. P. Breen (Ballinamore) beat P. O. Guckian (City of Derry). 2 and 1. 
J. D. Kirkwood (Malone) beat J. O. Barnwell (Castle) 5 and 4. 
T. Hegarty (Royal Dublin) beat K. P. O'Flanagan (Portmarnock) 8 and 6.