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West of Ireland 1954

Co Sligo GC, April 17-20

Sutton's JB Carr retained the title by defeating Woodbrook's Brennie Scannell by 9 and 8 in the 36-hole final.

According to The Sligo Champion: 

"Carr, who was eight up after the morning eighteen, played tremendously brilliant golf which featured dead straight shots off the tee, woods of near fantastic distance and chip-run strokes of uncanny accuracy. Local interest in the championship, which had been well sustained right up to that stage, ended when the semi-finals were played on Monday afternoon and Scannell defeated Cecil  Ewing by 2 and 1. Ewing, who was making his 30th consecutive appearance in the championship, which he has won ten times, was not at his best.... Dr. Kevin O'Flanagan, who proved himself almost as useful on a golf course as ho did on the football field, defeated E. Power at the 19th [to reach the quarter-finals.]"

Final - Tuesday, April 20

J.B. Carr (Sutton) beat B.J. Scannell (Woodbrook) 9 and 8

Semi-finals - Monday, April 19

Carr beat Byrne 5 and 4. 
Scannell beat Ewing 2 and 1.

Quarter-finals - Monday, April 19

Carr beat O'Beirne 4and 3. 
Byrne beat O'Flanagan 2 and 1
Scannell beat Moylett 3 and 1. 
Ewing beat Ryan 4 and 3. 

Fourth Round - Sunday, April 18

Carr beat Fogarty 3 and 2. 
O'Beirne beat Smith 2 and 1. 
O'Flanagan beat Leyden 1 up. 
Byrne beat Meharg 3 and 2. 
Moylett beat McLoughlin 1 up. 
Scannell beat Robinson 5 and 4
Ryan beat Huggard 2 and 1. 
Ewing beat Doherty 3 and 2. 

Third Round - Sunday, April 18

Fogarty beat Owens 5 and 3. 
Carr beat Lipsett 1 up. 
Smith beat Sheedy 8 and 7. 
O'Beirne beat Young 2 and 1. 
O'Flanagan beat Power at 19th. 
Leydon beat Henry 5 and 3. 
Meharg beat Flynn 1 up. 
Byrne beat Culligan 2 and 1. 
Moylett beat Raftery 6 and 5. 
McLoughlin beat Brady 4 and 3
Robertson beat Foster 2 and 1
Scannell beat Bolger 5 and 4. 
Ryan beat Murphy 5 and 4. 
Huggard beat Governey 1 up. 
Doherty beat O'Dwyer 5 and 4. 
Ewing beat Staunton 6 and 5. 

Second round - Saturday, April 17

N. Fogarty (Hermitage) beat R.H. Brett (Rossmore) 7 and 6. 
G. H. Owens (Skerries) beat T Martin (Co. Sligo) 3 and 2. 
B. Lipsett (Arklow) w.o. W. J Cosgrave (Co. Sligo) scr. 
J. B. Carr (Sutton) beat F. X Kelly (Portmarnock) 4 and 3. 
H. B. Smith (Carlow) beat J Caldwell (Portmarnock) 5 and 4
D. Sheedy (Waterford) beat P. L. Murray (Portmarnock) 2 up. 
G. A. Young (Kilrush) beat K. Callan (Royal Dublin) 2 and 1. 
B. O'Beirne (Newlands) beat J. Horgan (Ballinasloe) 1 up. 
E. Power (Strandhill) beat M. Harvey (Bundoran) 3 and 2. 
K. O'Flanagan (Portmarnock) bt. C.W. McCaw (Portmarnock) 3 and 2. 
P. Leydon (Spanish Point) beat V. M. Wright (Rossmore) 2 and 1. 
Henry beat Linehan 1 up. 
Flynn beat V. Nolan 5 and 4. 
Meharg beat J. Nolan 3 and 2. 
Byrne beat Connolly 7 and 6
J. Culligan beat O'Kane 1 up. 
Raftery beat V. Kelly 5 and 4. 
Moylett beat Connell 2 up. 
McLoughlin beat F. Burke 4 and 3. 
Brady beat L. Rush 2 and 1. 
Robinson beat M. Boyle (Tuam) 6 and 5.
M. Foster (Co. Sligo) w.o. H.R. Lynch (Skerries) scr. 
B. J. Scannell (Woodbrook) beat G. B. Anderson (Co. Sligo) 3 and 2. 
J. Bolger (Portmarnock) beat B. Solon (Ballinasloe) 4 and 3. 
P. Murphy (Dundalk) beat W. Bell (Royal Dublin) 7 and 6. 
D Ryan (Hermitage) beat J.J. Cribben (Elm Park) 5 and 4. 
P.J. Governey (Carlow) beat W. Keane (Castlerea) at 19th. 
R. Huggard (Strandhill) beat D. M. Murphy (Dundalk) 3 and 2. 
D. O'Dwyer (Portmarnock) beat L. Kelly (Skerries) 4 and 3. 
H. Doherty (Strandhill) beat T. J. Kelly (Mullingar) 7 and 6. 
R.C. Ewing (Co. Sligo) beat P. Ryan (Tuam) 7 and 5. 
H.M. de L. Staunton (Castlerea) beat J Gilmartin (Birr) 3 and 2

First round - Saturday, April 17

H. Linehan (Milltown) beat D. Smith (Cavan) 5 and 4. 
K. Henry (Swinford) beat J. S. Barrett (Dun Laoghaire) 3 and 2. 
F. Glynn (Tuam) beat T. Moran (Strandhill) 2 and 1.
V. K. Nolan (Portmarnock) beat H. A. G. Roughan (Co. Sligo) 4 and 3. 
W. Meharg (Castlerock) beat F.J. Winston (Milltown) 3 and 2. 
J. Nolan (Ballinasloe) beat O. H. Barton (Dun Laoghaire) 5 and 4. 
A. Byrne (Skerries) beat I. Bailey (Rathfarnham) 2 and 1. 
P. Connolly (Tuam) beat P. J. Conway (Co. Sligo) 5 and 3.
D. Culligan (Ennis) beat J. G. Barnwell (Castle) 2 and 1. 
T. O'Kane (Ballina) beat T.J. Mitchell (Castle) 2 and 1. 
H. Raftery (Portmarnock) beat P.J. Donovan (Howth) 2 and 1. 
V. F. Kelly (Co. Sligo) beat I. Korea (Co. Sligo) 1 up. 
J. J. Connell (Royal Dublin) beat J. Heskin (Tuam) 3 and 2. 
B. Moylett (Ballina) beat B. Donnellan (Dundalk) 5 and 4. 
F. Burke (Cill Dara) beat T. Allen (Hermitage) 2 and 1. 
F. McLoughlin (Milltown) beat D.V. Hickey (Portmarnock) 1 up. 
P. Brady (Enniskillen) beat J. Phillips (Co. Sligo) 4 and 3. 
L. Rush (Kilrush) beat F. O'SuIlivan (Strandhill) 5 and 4. 
D. L. Robinson (Portmarnock) beat D. Sullivan (Dun Laoghaire) 2 and 1.