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West of Ireland 1953

Co Sligo Golf Club, April 4-7, 1953

Joe Carr won his fifth West of Ireland title on 7 April 1953, defeating fellow Sutton player Ray McInally one up with a birdie on the final green. Carr struggled with his putter in the final, as A.P. McWeeney explained in the Irish Independent the following morning. In the end he holed a four footer for birdie at the 18th for victory after McInally had left his five footer on the lip of the hole:

WHEN a small fire broke out beside the 17th tee during the afternoon round in the West of Ireland Championship at Rosses point yesterday, someone said: "That's Joe Carr burning his putter" and, indeed, it would not have been altogether surprising if this had proved to be the case. Carr won the title all right, defeating R.H. Mclnally by one up, but it was far from being one of his most distinguished performances, for he made things very difficult for himself by his weakness on the greens. A round of approximately 75—one over bogey—sufficed to give him a lead of two holes over the first eighteen, and when he stretched that lead to four up over the first five holes of the afternoon, it seemed as if we were due for an early finish. Then his putting started to let him down again, and in the end, he was rather lucky to snatch a win on the 18th green for the match.


1953 J.B Carr, (Sutton) beat R.H. McInally, (Sutton) 1 hole


Carr beat Slattery 5 and 4.
Mclnally beat Ewing. 2 and 1.

Quarter finals

J. B. Carr (Sutton) beat P. J. Conway (Co. Sligo) 6 and 4. 
B.S. Slattery (Lahinch) beat A. Byrne (Skerries) 3 and 2. 
R. H. Mclnally (Sutton) beat P.J. Leyden (Spanish Point), at the 19th.
R.C. Ewing (Co. Sligo) beat B.J. Scannell (Lahinch) 3 and 2.

Fourth Round

Carr bt. Webster, 5 and 4. 
Conway bt. Culligan, 2 and 1. 
Byrne bt. Glover by one hole
Slattery bt Gill. 2 and 1
Leyden bt. Wolseley by 2 holes
Mclnally bt. Cauldwell 5 and 4
Scannell bt. Meharg by one hole
Ewing bt. Ryan 4 and 3.

Third round

J.B. Carr (Sutton) bt. G. Hurley (Lahinch), 4 and 3.
F. Webster (Skerries) bt. T. Jack (Clontarf) at the 19th. 
J. Glover (Knock) bt J. Caldwell (Portmarnock) 4 and 2
A. Byrne (Skerries) bt D. Martin (Fortwilliam) 2 and 1. 
W. D. Wolseley (Enniskillen) bt. J. C. Brown (Tramore) at the 19th. 
J. Culligan (Ennis) bt C.W. L. McCaw (Portmarnock) 1 hole. 
P. J. Conway (Co. Sligo) bt. W. Keane (Castlerea), 3 and 2
B. S. Slattery (Lahinch) bt. E. Power (Strandhill), 6 and 5. 
W. J. Gill (Portmarnock bt. J. Kearns (Royal Dublin), 2 and 1.
P.J. Leyden (Spanish Point) bt. T. Dolan (Hermitage), 3 and 2. 
R.H. Mclnally (Sutton) bt. R. Thomson (Belvoir Park). 2 and 1. 
B. Cauldwell (Strandhill) bt. C.C. Knox (Rathmore) 2 and 1. 
B.J. Scannell (Woodbrook) bt. P. Kelly (Co. Sligo), 6 and 5. 
W. Meharg (Castlerock) bt. V. P. Smyth (Royal Dublin), 3 and 2
R.C. Ewing (Co. Sligo) bt. P. Brady (Enniskillen), 6 and 5. 
D. Ryan (Hermitage) bt. T. Bishop (Hermitage), 2 and. 1.

Second Round

G. Hurley (Lahinch). w.o I (?) Bailey  (Rathfarnham) scratched. 
J. B. Carr (Sutton) beat P.F. Brennan (Galway) 6 and 5.
T. Jack (Clontarf). w.o. T. Morris (Castlerea) scratched.
F. Webster (Skerries) beat J.G. Barnwell (Castle) 6 and 4. 
C. Cuhigan (Ennis) beat B Howard (Kilrush) 1 up.
W. McCaw (Portmarnock) beat H. Lenihan (Milltown) 1 up. 
W. Keane (Castlerea) beat H. V. Staunton (Castlerea) 1 up. 
P.J. Conway (Co. Sligo) beat J. Taggart (Royal Portrush) 2 and 1.
J. Glover (Knock) beat C.E. Anderson (Co. Sligo) 5 and 4
J. Caldwell (Portmarnock) beat P. Governey (Carlow) 5 and 4. 
A. Byrne (Skerries) beat P McConnell (Portmarnock) at 23rd. 
D. Martin (Fortwilliam) beat T.V. Commins (Castle) 2 and 1. 
W.J. Gill (Portmarnock) beat J. Draffin (Hermitage) 4 and 2. 
J.F. Kearns (Royal Dublin) beat J.J. Fanagan (Rathfarnham) 3 and 1.
K. Power (Strandhill) beat T. Allen (Hermitage) 1 up.
Slattery beat Donnellan at 20th
Brown beat N. Nolan 5 and 4
Wolseley beat Nisbet 3 and 2. 
Leyden beat Owens 3 and 3. 
Dolan beat P. J. Hillery (Spanish Point) at 19th. 
R.E. Thomson (Belvoir Pk.) beat R. F. Pollock (Enniskillen) 7 and 6. 
R.H. Mclnally (Sutton) beat H. B. Smith (Carlow) 4 and 3
B. Cauldwell (Strandhill) beat F. X. Kelly (Portmarnock) 2 and 1. 
C.C. Knox (Rathmore) beat O. Healy (Enniscrone) 2 and 1.
F. Kelly (Co. Sligo) beat V. M. Wright (Rossmore) 4 and 3. 
B.J. Scannell (Woodbrook) beat R. Y. Lawson (Enniskillen) 6 and 5. 
B.F. Smyth (Royal Dublin) beat J. Gilmartin (Birr) 2 up. 
W Meharg (Castlorpck) beat V. Clarke (Clontarf) 2 and 1. 
T. Bishop (Hermitage) beat H. L. Malone (Dun Laoghaire) 2 and 1. 
D. Ryan (Hermitage) beat R. Lynch (Skerries) 6 and 5. 
P. Brady (Enniskillen) beat H. Roughan (Co. Sligo) 5 and 4. 
R. C. Ewing (Co. Sligo) beat V. K. Nolan (Portmarnock) 6 and 4.

First round

W. Gill (Portrnarnock) beat R. _Huggard (Strandhill) 1 up.
J. Kearns (Royal Dublin) beat D. Solan (Galway) 5 and 4. 
J. J. Fanagan (Rathfarnham) beat F. J. Moran (Royal Dublin) 1 up. 
E Power (Strandhill) beat W. O'Connor (Rosses Point) 2 and 1.
T. Allen (Hermitage) beat N. V. Drew (Bangor) 2 and 1
B. Slattery (Lahinch) beat S. Livingstone (Rathfarnham) 6 and 5.
B. Donnellan (Dundalk) beat F. P. Smyth (Cavan) 2 and 1.
J.C. Brown (Tramore) (holder) beat B. Moylett (Ballina) 4 and 2. 
J. Nolan (Ballinasloe) beat F. Burke (Cill Dara) 1 up. 
W. D. Wolseley (Ennisklllen) beat J. Cribben (Elm Park) 6 and 5. 
D. Nesbit (Fort William) beat J. Horgan (Ballinasloe)—2 and 1. 
J H. Owen (Skerries) beat D. Butler (Birr) 1 hole
P. J Leyden (Spanish Point) beat J Doherty (Bundoran) 4 and 3
T. Dolan (Hermitage) beat H.E. Shaw (Adare) 1 hole.