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West of Ireland 1952

Co Sligo Golf Club, April 12-15, 1952

The Sligo Champion opened its report of 1952 "West" this way:

"AFTER almost twenty years of playing in the event, Joe Brown, of Waterford, appeared final of the West of Ireland Point on Tuesday last, and by having a well-deserved victory over N.V. Drew of Bangor.
"Brown, a 43-year-old player, who won the Irish native title as far back as 1934, did not have altogether an easy passage against his youthful opponent, who was runner-up in the British Boys' Championship, two years ago and has since won the North of Ireland title. Although always in the lead in the final, Brown was faced with a rearguard action in which Drew at one stage squared a five-hole deficit.
"This year's Championship will long be remembered because it broke the lone sequence of successes by'the ' Walker Cup players, Cecil Ewing, Co. Sligo, and Joe Carr, Sutton, who have shared tho Western title between them since 1944."

Final - Tuesday, April 15

J. C. Brown (Waterford) beat N. V. Drew (Bangor) 2 and 1. 


Brown beat Carr 3 and 2. 
Drew beat Ewing 1 up.

Quarter Finals

Carr w.o. Scannell scr. 
Brown beat Graham at 21st. 
Drew beat Ryan 2 and 1. 
Ewing beat Mahon at 19th.

Fourth Round

Scannell beat Lynch 4 and 3
Carr beat Webster 3 and 2. 
Brown beat Ferguson 2 up. 
Graham beat Governey 2 up
Drew beat Mclnally 3 and 2. 
Ryan beat Cribbin 2 and 1. 
Ewing beat Leydon 4 and 3
Mahon beat Owens 4 and 3. 

Third Round

H. R. Lynch beat M. L. Mahon 5 and 4.  
B. J. Scannell beat G. M. Soden 5 and 4, 
F. Webster beat J. A. Burke 4 and 2. 
J. B. Carr beat F. Doherty 5 and 4. 
J. C. Brown beat A. Butler 3 and I. 
M. Ferguson beat J. A. Belton 2 and 1. 
J. S. Graham beat D. Kenny 5 and 4
P. Governey beat J. Doherty 6 and 4. 
R. H. Mclnally beat F. H. Kenny 6 and 5. 
N. V. Drew beat C. Foley 2 and 1. 
J. A. Cribbin beat V. Clarke 2 and 1. 
D. Ryan beat J. Taggart 4 and 3. 
P. J. Leydon beat J .Horgan by 2 holes. 
C. Ewing beat D. McGonigle 4 and 3. 
G. H. Owens beat A. Mclnerney 2 and 1. 
J. Mahon beat C. J. Anderson 5 and 4. 

Second Round

M. L. Mahon (Rosses Point) beat P. J. Hillery (Spanish Point) 1 hole. 
H. R. Lynch (Hermitage) beat J. Draffin (Hermitage) 3 and 2. 
B. J. Scannell (Woodbrook) beat J. Caldwell (Portmarnock) 6 and 5. 
G. M. Soden (Co. Sligo) beat F. P. Howley (Co Sligo) at 19th. 
J. A. Burke (Portmarnock) beat E. Koss (Co. Sligo) 4 and 3. 
J. B. Carr (Sutton) (holder) beat G. Barnwell (Castle) 6 and 4.   
F. Doherty (Strandhill) beat J. Hogan (Adare) 6 and 4. 
A. Butler (Portmarnock) beat N. G. Hunter (Bangor) 6 and 4. 
J. C. Brown (Waterford) beat B. Farrell (Lahinch) 5 and 4. 
M. Ferguson (Dundalk) beat T. Ahern (Lahinch) 5 and 4. 
J. A. Belton (Clontarf) beat R. A. Roughan (Co. Sligo) 3 and 1.
D. Kenny (Birr) beat P. McConnell (Portmarnock) 2 and 1. 
Graham beat Maloney 3 and 2. 
Governey beat Moylett 2 and 1. 
Doherty beat J .A. Kelly at 19th. 
F. X. Kelly beat Conway 3 and 2
Mclnally beat B. F. Smyth 4 and 2. 
Foley beat Power 4 and 3. 
N. V. Drew (Bangor) beat I. W. Workman (Royal Co. Down) 7 and 6.  
V. Clarke (Clontarf) beat J. D. Patton (Rossmore) at 19th. 
J. A. Cribbin (Castlerea) w.o., J. McLoughlin (Portmarnock) scr. 
J. Taggart (Royal Portrush) beat J. Nolan (Ballinasloe) 6 and 5.
D. Ryan (Hermitage) beat J. Dunne (Portmarnock) l up. 
J. Horgan (Ballinasloe) beat F. McLoughlin (Bundoran) 3 and 2. 
P. J. Leydon (Spanish Point) beat J. B. Murphy (Clones) 5 and 4. 
C. Ewing (Co. Sligo) beat J. J  McHugh (Bundoran) 5 and 4.
D. McGonigle (Bundoran) beat P. McCarney (Clones) at 22nd. 
A. Mclnerney (Hermitage) beat F. Smyth (Co. Sligo) 1 up. 
G. H. Owens (Skerries) beat V. Wright (Rossmore) 6 and 5. 
J. R. Mahon (Co. Sligo) beat W. J. Gill (Portmarnock) 4 and 3. 
C. J. Anderson (Co. Sligo) beat T. Allen (Hermitage) 4 and 3. 

First Round

J. S. Graham (Strandhill) beat A. Byrne (Hermitage) 4 and 3. 
W. Maloney (Strandhill) beat P. Bradley (Enniskillen) 4 and 3.
P. Governey (Carlow) beat H Raftery (Co. Sligo) 4 and 3. 
B. Moylett (Ballina) beat A. F. McCoy (Ballycastle) 8 and 7. 
J. A. Kelly (Portmamock) beat H. B. Linehan (Milltown) 4 and 3. 
J. Doherty (Bundoran) beat C. Slowey (Clones) at 19th. 
F. X. Kelly (Portmarnock) beat M. J. Murphy (Ballina) 3 and 2. 
D. J. Conway (Co. Sligo) w.o. J. Stewart (Galway) scr. 
B. F. Smyth (Royal Dublin) beat J. Duffy (Rossmore) 2 and 1. 
R .H. Mclnally (Sutton) beat E. T. O'Flynn (Cork) 4 and 3. 
E .Power (Strandhill) beat V. K. Nolan (Hermitage) 3 and 1. 
C. Foley (Portnoo) beat S. McGonigle (Bundoran) 3 and 2.