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West of Ireland 1950

The Sligo Champion of April 15, 1950, reported Cecil Ewing's 10th victory as follows:

"The County Sligo Golf Club's champion player, Cecil Ewing, scored notable achievement at Rosses Point during the Easter weekend when he retained the West of Ireland Championship to put his name on the trophy for the tenth time. In a memorable and exciting final, Ewing beat Brud Slattery, from Lahinch, at the 36th hole. Ewing fully deserved his win. He played brilliant golf throughout the championship and his victory was hailed with delight by his fellow club members who are looking forward to him going far in the Irish Open Championship when it is decided over the Rosses Point links in September next.
The Rosses Point has the reputation of always having the vilest possible weather for this great annual golfing reunion which attracts players from all over the country. This year the conditions were unforgettable. Pelting rain, violent hail showers, icy sleet fell at intervals during the weekend, and all the time the gales howled as the weather tended to become still more sullen, dark and dismal.
The early rounds, played on Saturday and Sunday, were spartan affairs, and as one watched a procession of weary golfers return to the clubhouse after the 18 holes, it was quite obvious that this game of championship golf is not one for weaklings.
So frightful were the conditions that some players took more than three hours solid trudging to get around the 18 holes.
— The Sligo Champion, April 15, 1950
A few days before the championship, some newspaper sports writers in Dublin predicted that the entry for this year's championship would be smaller than usual. Of course, nobody, expected it to reach last year's record-breaking figure when the Western Championship was used as a try-out for places on tho Irish side in the international matches which were then to follow shortly afterwards.
On Good Friday afternoon, before the draw was made, it was discovered that there were over seventy entries, and as this number would tend to upset the planned schedule it was necessary to request a handful of local players to stand down and so get things under way with an even 64 starters.
The Championship started in the teeth of a howling gale on Saturday morning. So frightful were the conditions that some players took more than three hours solid trudging to get around the 18 holes. In the face of this, it was surprising that there were so few unexpected defeats."


R. C. Ewing (Co. Sligo) holder, bt B. Slattery (Lahinch) 1 up. 


Ewing bt Scannell 2/1. 

Slattery bt Carr on the 18th.


Ewing bt Nolan 3/2. 
Scannell bt Ferguson at 21st. 
Carr bt Brown 5/4. 
Slattery bt Graham 3/2.

Third round

Cecil Ewing (Co. Sligo) bt F. P. Smith (Co. Cavan) 5/4. 
J. Nolan (Loughrea) bt F. Webster (Carlow) at 19th. 
M. Ferguson (Dundalk) bt H. B. Linehan (Milltown) 7/6. 
B. J. Scannell (Woodbrook) bt L. J. Howley (Royal Dublin) 2/1. 
J. C. Brown (Waterford) bt C. E. Anderson (Co. Sligo) 6/5. 
J. B. Carr (Sutton) bt G. H. Owens (Skerries) 3/2. 
J. Graham (Strandhill) bt B. Moylett (Ballina) 4/3. 
B. Slattery (Lahinch) bt J. Cribbin (Castlerea) 2/1.

Second round

Smith bt. Bulger, 2/1. 
Ewing bt. Wright, 4/3. 
Nolan bt. T. P. Murphy, 2/1
Webster bt. Doherty, 3/2. 
Linehan bt. Taggart, 3/2. 
Ferguson bt. Smith, 2/1
Scannell bt. Fatton, 5/4.
Howley bt. Ryan, 3/2. 
Anderson bt. Fitzpatrick. 1 up
Browne bt. Leydon at 19th. 
Owens bt. Barnwell, 4/3. 
Carr bt. J. B. Murphy, 4/3. 
Moylett bt. Ryan, 3/2. 
Graham bt. Clarke, 5/4. 
Slattery bt. Power, 3/2. 
Cribben bt. McDonagh, 1 up.

First round

F. P. Smith (Co. Cavan) bt A. F. McCoy (Ballycastle), 5/4
P. Bulger (Ennis) bt F. O'Flynn (Rossmore), 5/4. 
R. C. Swing (Co. Sligo) w/over, J. A. O'Donoghue (MiItown), 
M. V. Wright (Rossmore) bt T. P. Fitzpatrick (Sutton), 5/4. 
T. P. Murphy (Elm Park) bt H. Raftery (U.C.D.), 7/6. 
F. Webster (Carlow) bt T. P. Byrne (Co. Louth), 4/3. 
F. Smith (Co. Sligo), w.o. F. J. Farrell (Longford), scr. 
J. Nolan (Ballinasloe) bt M.J. Dyar (Loughrea), 2/1. 
G. Doherty (Strandhill) bt A. McMahon (Ennis), 1 up. 
H. B. Linehan (Milltown) bt W Smyth (Royal Co. Down), 3/2. 
J. Taggart (Portrush) bt P. J. O'Donoghue (Co. Sligo), 3/2. 
M. Ferguson (Dundalk) bt P. J. Hillery (Spanish Point), 4/3. 
D.. Fatton (Rossmore) bt A. C. Brindley (Milltown), 3/2. 
B. J. Scannell (Woodbrook) bt J. Belton (_Lahjnch), 4/3. 
L. V. Ryan (Grange) bt P. F. Purcell (Portmarnock), 1 up, 
L. Howley (Royal Dublin) bt D. Maloney (Strandhill), 3/2. 
M. P. Fitzpatrick (Sutton) bt D. F. Gleeson (Lahinch), 4/3. 
C. E. Anderson (Co. Sligo) bt F. Cusack (Rossmore), 6/4. 
J. C. Brown (Waterford) bt R. Davitt (Grange), 5/4. 
P. J. Leydon (Spanish Point) bt D. Woods (Royal Co. Down), 6/5. 
G. H. Owens (Skerries), bt A. Butler (Portmarnock), 1 up. 
J. G. Barnwall (Castle) bt P. J. Holmes (Thurles), 2/1. 
J. B. Murphy (Clones) bt W. J. Gill (Portmarnock), 3/2. 
J. B. Carr (Sutton) bt P. F. Brennan (Athenry), 4/3. 
B. Moylett (Ballina) bt F. X. Kelly (Portmarnock, 2/1. 
D. Ryan (Lucan) bt M. H. Murphy (Ballina), 2/l. 
V. Clarke (Clontarf) bt J. J. McHugh (Bundoran). 
J. Graham (Strandhill) bt J. Duffy (Rossmore), 5/4. 
B. Power (Strandhill) bt R. Brett (Rossmore), 5/4. 
B. Slattery (Lahinch) bt T. Allen (Hermitage), 7/6. 
A. McDonagh (Limerick) bt S. McGonigle (Bundoran), 3/2. 
J. Cribben (Castlerea) bt M. Herrigan (Thurles), 3/2.