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West of Ireland 1949

County Sligo GC, 16-19 April , 1949

Entry - 94 (record)

Writing in the The Irish Press on 20 April 1949, "Cam" began his report of Cecil Ewing's ninth West of Ireland win as follows: 

"CECIL EWING (CO. Sligo), current holder of our two national golf titles, became West of Ireland champion for the ninth time yesterday, when he beat Frank Webster, Carlow, by 5 and 4 at Rosses Point. 

Weather conditions reverted rather sharply to the Easter norm for this particular part of the world, and when the players faced out into the icy wind and driving rain in the morning, they looked more like Eskimos off on a seal hunt than golfers living in a so-called temperate zone. 

Conditions improved greatly later in the day, but the wind never abated much and, of course, this circumstance favoured the local man enormously. It has been claimed that Ewing should be forced to play at Rosses Point on a special handicap adjusted to the Beauford Scale - the heavier the storm, the heavier the handicap. 

Yesterday his mastery of bad weather was seen to particular advantage during the morning, when he had an approximate score of 74 to gain a lead of four up. This was golf in the grand manner, with power and accuracy blended in happy proportions."

Final (36 holes) - April 19

Cecil Ewing (Co Sligo) beat Frank Webster (Carlow) 5 and 4.


Semi-finals - April 18

Ewing beat Crosbie 3 and 2.

Webster beat McManus at 20th.


Quarter-finals - April 18

B.C. McManus (Mournej) beat J. B. Murphy (Clones) 4 and 3. 

F. Webster (Carlow) beat  M. Power (Muskerry), 3 and 2.

R.C. Ewing (Co. Sligo) beat J.R. Mahon (Co. Sligo), 3 and 2. 

G.F. Crosbie (Cork) beat R. Mclnally, (Sutton), 1 hole.


Fourth round - April 17

Murphy bt Furlong, l up. 

McManus bt Brown, 3 and 2 

Webster bt Slattery at 19th 

Power bt Caldwell, 5 and 4 

Mahon bt T.P. Murphy, 6 and 5

Ewing bt Lochrin, 7 and 5 

Mclnally bt Toner, 3 and 2. 

Crosbie bt Agnew. 4 and 3.


Third round - April 17

Murphy bt Smith, 1 up. 

Furlong bt Lyons, 1 up 

Brown bt Smith, 4 and 3. 

McManus bt Howley at 20th. 

Slattery bt O'Reilly, 3 and 2. 

Webster bt O'Hanlon, 4 and 

Power bt Fitzpatrick, 5 and 3 

Caldwell bt Owens, 6 and 5. 

Mahon bt Smith, 3 and 2. 

Murphy bt Nesbitt, 2 and 1.

Lochrin bt Carroll, 2 and 1. 

Ewing bt Beamish, 3 and 2. 

Agnew bt Cusack, 4 and 3. 

Crosbie bt Fitzpatrick, 2 and 

Mclnally bt Farrell, 5 and 4. 

Toner bt Maloney, 2 and 1.

Second round - April 16

Byes at Top—

J. B. Murphy (Clones) bt J.S. Graham (Strandhill), 2 and 1. 

F. Smyth (Co. Sligo) bt W.M. O'Sullivan (Killarney), 2 and 1. 

C.J. Furlong (Royal Dublin) w.o. J.P. Nugent (Hermitage) scr. 

J.D. Lyons (Kilkenny) bt M. Murphy (Ballina), 6 and 5. 

W. Smyth (Royal Co. Down) bt J. Duffy (Rossmore), 3 and 2. 

J.C. Brown (Waterford) bt F. Smith (Cavan), 6 and 5. 

B.C. McManus (Mourne) bt W O'Connor (Co. Sligo) 3 and 2. 

L. Howley (Royal Dublin) bt T. Moran (Strandhill), 3 and 2. 

Slattery bt McMahon, 3 and 2, 

O'Reilly bt Callaghan, 1 up. 

Webster bt Gill. 2 and 1. 

O'Hanlon bt Mulcahy, 2 and 1 

Power bt McCallum, 2 and 1. 

T. Fitzpatrick bt Herlihy, 2 and 1.

Owens bt Phelan, 6 and 5. 

Caldwell bt Roughan, 5 and 4, 

Mahon bt Troy, 4 and 3. 

Smyth bt Brennan, 3 and 2. 

Nesbitt bt Brett, 5 and 4. 

Murphy bt Crosbie, 3 and 2. 

Lochrin bt O'Dowd, 3 and 2. 

Carroll bt O'Connor, 4 and 3. 

Beamish bt Power, 3 and 2.

Ewing bt Taggart, 3 and 2. 

Byes at Bottom:— 

T. B. Agnew (Royal Portrush) bt F. Purcell (Portmarnock), 6 and 5. 

J. Cusack (Rossmore) bt M. Wright (Rossmore), 4 and 3. 

M.P. Fitzpatrick (Sutton) bt F. Coen (Athlone), 4 and 3. 

G.F. Crosbie (Cork) bt A.C. Brindley (Milltown), 5 and 4. 

R.H. Mclnally (Sutton) bt B. Doran (Co. Louth), 4 and 3. 

F. Farrell (Longford) bt J.J. McHugh (Bundoran) at 19th. 

J. Toner (Mourne) bt I.W. Workman (Royal Co. Down), 7 and 6. 

W.D. Moloney (Strandhill) w.o. T. Allen (Hermitage), scr.

First round - April 16

B. McMahon (U.C.D.) bt J. Dunne (Portmarnock), 2 up. 

B. Slattery (Lahinch) bt M. Hennigan (Thurles), 5 and 4. 

C. Callaghan (Portmarnock) bt W. Coen (Athlone), 2 and 1. 

J. O'Reilly (Newlands) bt C. Adams (Malone), 5 and 4. 

F. Webster (Carlow) bt B. Woods (Royal Co. Down), 3 and 2. 

W.J. Gill (Portmarnock) bt S. McGonigle (Bundoran), 5 and 3. 

B. Mulcahy (Milltown) bt J. McMenamin (Kilcroney), 2 and 1. 

E.T. O'Hanion (Cavan) bt E. Bresnihan (Castlebar), 3 and 1. 

M. Power (Muskerry) bt H. Linehan (Milltown), 3 and 2. 

W. McCallum (Knock) bt H. Turner (Longford), 2 and 1. 

T. Fitzpatrick (Sutton) bt J.D. Patton (Rossmore), 4 and 3. 

B. Herlihy (Portmarnock) bt G. Soden (Co. Sligo), 6 and 5. 

T.G. Phelan (Kilcroney) bt T.A. Healy (Royal Dublin), 3 and 2. 

G.H. Owens (Skerries) bt J.A. Johnston (Royal Co. Down), 3 and 2. 

H. Roughan (Co. Sligo) bt H. Campbell (Rossmore), 4 and 3. 

J. Caldwell (Grange) bt V. Hamilton ( Foxrock), 3 and 2 

J.R. McMahon (Co. Sligo) bt B.J. Scannell (Woodbrook), 1 up. 

K. Troy (Royal Dublin) bt P. Brady (Enniskillen), 2 and l. 

P.F. Brennan (Athenry) bt G.A. Bryan (Royal Dublin), 3 and 2. 

B.F. Smyth (Royal Dublin) bt P. O'Donoghue (Co. Sligo), 2 and 1. 

B.A. Nesbitt (Fortwilliam) bt A.L. Butler (Portmarnock), 2 and 1. 

B.H. Brett (Rossmore) w.o. C.O. Hezlet (Royal Portrush) scr. 

G. Crosbie, sen. (Cork) bt H Raftery (U.C.D.), 5 and 4.  

T.P. Murphy (Elm Park) bt J. Halliday (Knock), 3 and 2. 

O.M. Lochrin (Laytown and Bettystown) bt J.T. Claffey (Castlerea), 2 and 1. 

J. O'Dowd (Royal Dublin) bt R.E. Davitt (Grange), 5 and 4. 

J. Carroll (Sutton) bt W.J. McWilliam (Rossmore), 3 and 2. 

F.G. O'Connor (Rosslare) w.o. W. Threlfall (Royal Dublin), scr. 

E.J. Power (Strandhill) bt J. Pierse (Rosslare), 1 up. 

C.H. Beamish (Royal Portrush) bt A. McDonagh (Limerick), 1 up. 

J. Taggart (Royal Portrush) bt X. Kelly (Portmarnock), 3 and 2. 

R.C. Ewing (Co. Sligo) bt J. Kearns {Royal Dublin), 4 and 3.