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West of Ireland 1948

County Sligo Golf Club, 27-30 March, 1948

Entry 64 (record)

Joe Carr came back from losing four of the first seven holes to beat eight time champion Cecil Ewing 5 and 4 and claim the title for the third year in a row.

The Irish Press  report of the 1948 final

The Irish Press report of the 1948 final

Final - 30 March

J.B. Carr (Sutton) beat R.C. Ewing (Co. Sligo)  5 and 4

Semi-finals - 29 March

Carr beat Carroll at the 19th

Ewing beat Brown, 2 and 1.

Quarter-finals - 29 March

J.B. Carr (Sutton) beat B.J. Scannell (Woodbrook), 2 and 1; 

J. Carroll (Sutton) beat B. Slattery (Lahinch), 4 and 3; 

J.C. Brown (Waterford) beat J. Mahon (Co. Sligo) at the 21st; 

R.C. Ewing (Co. Sligo) beat J. Caldwell (Grange), 2 and 1. 


Third round - 28 March

Carr beat Brennan, 2 and 1. 

Scannell beat Moyett, 2 and 1

Slattery beat Gill at 20th 

Carroll beat O'Loughlin, 1 up

Mahon beat Foster 3 and 2

Browne beat Kelly, 4 and 3

Ewing beat O'Connor, 4 and 3

Caldwell beat O'Donoghue, 2 and 1

Second round - 27 March

Brennan bt. Campbell 5 and 4

Carr bt. Linehan 4 and 3 

Moyett bt. O'Dowd 5 and 3

Scannell bt. Smyth 4 and 3

Gill bt Howley 2 and 1

Slattery bt  Fitzpatrick at 21st 

O'Loughlin bt. Brett 3 and 1 

Carroll bt. Murphy 5 and 4

Mahon bt. O'Reilly 5 and 4

Foster bt. Anderson 2 and 1 

Kelly bt. Webster 4 and 2

Browne bt. Brady 5 and 4

Ewing bt. Nugent 4 and 3

O'Connor bt. Turner 2 and 1

Caldwell bt. Allen 2 and 1

O'Donohue bt. Helly 2 and 1.

First round - 27 March

P.F. Brennan (Athenry) bt. W. Maloney (Strandhill) 5 and 4

H.C. Campbell (Rossmore) w.o. P. McElhinney (Royal Dublin) scr.

J.B. Carr (Sutton) bt. W. Smith (Banbridge) 3 and 2 

H. Linehan (Milltown) bt. L King-French (Portmarnock) 2 and 1

B. Moyett (Ballina) bt. H. Rafferty (Co. Sligo) 

J.F. O'Dowd (Royal Dublin) bt. K. McHale CWoodbrook)

B. Scannell (Woodbrook) bt. P. Bryan (Royal Co. Down) 5 and 4

F Smyth (Co. Sligo) bt. L. Murphy (Ballina) 1 up

L. Howley (Royal Dublin/ bt. P.T Purcell (Portmarnock) 6 and 5 

W.J. Gill (Portmarnock) bt. W.J. Fitzgerald (Bundoran) at 20th

B. Slattery (Lahinch) bt. J. MacWilliam (Rossmore) 3 and 2

M. Fitzpatrick (Sutton) bt.  F. Farrell (Longford) 3 and 1

M. O'Loughlin (Lahinch) bt. F. Howley (Co. Sligo) 3 and 2

R. Brett (Rossmore) bt. F. Coen (Athlon) 2 and 1

J. Carroll (Sutton] bt. J.F. McLoughlin (Royal Dublin) 3 and 2

J.B. Murphy (Clones) bt. K. Hogge (Carrick-on-Shannon) 3 and 1

J. O'Reilly (Newlands) bt. T.O. Patton (Rossmore) 6 and 5

J. Mahon (Co Sligo) bt. H. Ewing (Carlow) 3 and 2

C. Anderson (Co. Sligo) bt. E. Power (Strandhill) 3 and 2

M. Foster (Strandhill) bt. V. Hamilton (Woodbrook) 3 and 2

F.X. Kelly (Portmarnock) bt. G. Soden (Co. Sligo) 3 and 2

F. Webster (Carlow) bt. R.D. Woods (Royal Co. Down) 3 and 2

J.C. Browne (Waterford) bt. E.F. Smith (Royal Co. Down) 5 and 4

P. Brady (Enniskillen) bt. J. Pierce (Rosslare) 3 and 2

J. Nugent (Hermitage) bt. M. Murphy (Ballina) 2 and 1

R.C. Ewing (Co. Sligo) bt. B.E. Davitt (Grange) 3 and 2

H. Turner (Longford) bt. J. Dunne (Portmarnock) 4 and 3

W. O'Connor (Co. Sligo) bt J. McHugh (Bundoran) 2 and 1

J. Caldwell (Grange) bt. A. Brindley (Portmarnock) 6 and 4

T. Allen (Hermitage) bt. G.H. Owens (Skerries) 1 up

P.J. O'Donoghua (Co. Sligo) w.o. A.L. Butler (Portmarnock) scr.

G. Helly (Ballina) bt. D. Farrell (Lahinch) 1 up.