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West of Ireland 1939

County Sligo Golf Club, April 8-11

Entry - 51 (record)


Final - April 11

Cecil Ewing, Co. Sligo bt John Burke, Lahinch 3 and 1


Semi-finals - April 10

Burke beat Purcell 5 and 3

Ewing beat O'Farrell 5 and 4


Quarter-finals - April 10

John Burke (holder) (Lahinch) beat J, R. Mahon (Co. Sligo) at 19th

T.D. Purcell (Portmarnock ) beat W. Smyth (Royal Co. Down), 4 and 3

Cecil Ewing (Co. Sligo) beat T.A. Healy (Portmarnock), 6 and 5

E.J. O'Farrell (Lahinch) beat J. F. McLoughlin (Royal Dublin) 1 up


Third round - April 9

J. R. Mahon beat O'Connor, 4 and 3.

Burke beat Jameson, 2 and 1. 

Smyth beat Dean, 3 and 1. 

T.D. Purcell beat M. L. Mahon. 1 up. 

Healy beat Anderson. 4 and 3. 

Ewing beat P.F. Purcell, 4 and 3. 

McLoughlin boat English. 7 and 5. 

O'Farrell beat Hannon, 3 and 1.


Second round — April 9

W. O'Connor (Co. Sligo) beat LV. Ryan (Portmarnock), 4 and 3. 

J.R. Mahon (Co. Sligo) beat W.P. McLoughlin (Rossmore), 4 and 3.

T. F. Jameson (Co. Sligo) beat Victor Hamilton (Woodbrook), 2 and 1. 

Burke beat T.P. Hogan (Portmarnock), 4 and 3. 

Dean beat Martin, 4 and 3. 

Smyth beat O'Gorman, 3 and 1. 

T.D. Purcell beat Parsons, 2 and 1. 

M.L. Mahon beat Hennigan, 4 and 3.

Healy beat Slattery, 5 and 4. 

Anderson beat McMullen, 6 and 5. 

Ewing beat Fitzgerald, 2 and 1. 

P.F. Purcell beat Claffey. 

J.F. McLoughlin (Royal Dublin), beat J. P. Foy (Athlone), 4 and 3. 

J. English (Headford), bent E.V. Twohig (Co. Sligo), 5 and 4.

F.J. Hannon (Lahinch) w.o. Dr. Geo, Sheehan (Lucan). scr. 

B.J. O'Farrell (Lahinch), beat Col. J. O'Reilly (Royal Dublin), 3 and 2. 


First round — April 8

Sean Burke (Lahinch) (holder) beat P. F. Brennan (Portmarnock), 5 and 4

W. R. C "Dixie" Dean (Co. Sligo) beat P. Bryan (Malone), 1 up. 

Major R. Martin (Foxrock) beat J.J. Walsh (Ballyhaunis), 3 and 2.

W. Smith (Royal Co. Down) beat J.L. Crabbe (Foxrock), 4 and 2. 

P.J. O'Gorman (Bundoran) beat A. de Fleury (Co. Sligo), 1 up. 

T. D. Purcell (Portmarnock) beat J. McNally (Rossmore), 1 up. 

J.D. Parsons (Greystones) beat D.J. Dunne (Co. Sligo), 1 up. 

M. Hennigan (Portmarnock) beat J. McGroarty (Bundoran), 3 and 2. M. L.

Mahon (Royal Dublin) beat W. J. McWilliam (Rossmore), 1 up.

T. A. Healy (Portmarnock) beat J.T. Towers (North West), 5 and 4.

A.J. Slattery (Lahinch) beat J.M. Howard (Royal Dublin), 3 and 2. 

C.E. Anderson (Portmarnock), w.o. E. Spratt (Portmarnock), scr.

W. McMullen (Knock) beat P. Roche (Ballyhaunis), 2 and 1. 

Cecil Ewing (Co. Sligo) beat J. McHugh (Bundoran), 5 and 4. 

W.J. Fitzgerald (Co. Sligo), w.o. J.T. Crowley (Portmarnock), scr. 

T.J. Claffey (Castlerea) beat L. King-French (Portmarnock), 2 and 1.

P.F. Purcell (Portmarnock), w.o. D.P. Morris (Hermitage), scr. 

P.F. McLoughlin (Royal Dublin) beat F. Coen (Athlone), 3 and 2.