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West of Ireland 1935

County Sligo Golf Club, April 20-23, 1935

Writing in The Irish Press on Wednesday, April 24, 1935, "Long Putt" described Cecil Ewing's third West of Ireland victory in glowing terms.

"CECIL EWING won the West of Ireland Championship yesterday from Sean Burke, the holder, by 3 up and 1 to play. This, his third success in the event, was achieved by a succession of sparkling rounds.

"The number of errors he made in the four days' play might be counted on the fingers of one hand. From the very beginning it was quite obvious that he had reached a standard of golf which will more than likely prove supreme in Ireland for many years to come.

"Even though he was facing Seán Burke, hero of many championships and international matches, it was generally expected that the Sligo man would win. The actual match was as thrilling as the most ardent golf fan could wish to see. Both of them started with an appallingly bad first hole, which was halved in 6.

"From this on through the long and arduous 36 holes final the golf was perfection itself. Ewing played throughout with all the power, precision, and ease that we expect only from the great professionals.

While Burke produced shot for shot it was obvious that the Rosses' Point man had always just a little in hand. Shots from the tee were always spectacular in length and in this department of the game Ewing was always the odd yard or so ahead. In the second shots to the green, made difficult by a strong wind, the new champion was always inside his rival."


Final - April 23

Cecil Ewing (Co Sligo) beat John Burke (Lahinch) 3 and 1.



Ewing bt McLoughlin, 6 and 5. 

Burke bt Carroll, 6 and 5. 


Fourth round

Ewing beat Doorly, 7 and 6. 

McLaughlin beat Anderson, 2 and 1. 

O'Carroll beat Mahon, one hole. 

Burke beat Crabbe, 2 and 1.


Third round

C. Ewing (Co. Sligo) beat T.F. McKeever (Portmarnock), 5 and 4. 

J.A. Doorly (Birr) beat E.J. O'Gorman (Bundoran), 2 and 1. 

C.F. Anderson (Malahide) beat W.G. Shannon (Royal Dublin), 5 and 4. 

J. McLaughlin (Royal Dublin) beat R.M. Sanders (Killiney) 4 and 3.

J.R. Mahon (Dublin Univ.) beat E. Dalton (Hermitage), 1 hole. 

J.P. O'Carroll (Bundoran) beat A.W. Briscoe (Castlerea), 2 and 1.

J. Burke (Lahinch) (holder) beat R. Smith (Portmarnock), 4 and 3. 

J.L. Crabbe (Foxrock) beat Sir Basil McFarland (North West), 3 and 2. 


Second round

C. Ewing (Sligo) beat J.T. Towers (North West), 6 and 5. 

T.F. McKeever (Portmarnock) beat J. English (Ballina), 2 and 1. 

J.A. Doorly (Birr) beat J.R. Scovell, 3 and 2. 

E.J. O'Gorman (Bundoran) beat D. O'Dwyer (Portmarnock), 1 up. 

C.E. Anderson (Malahide) beat T.A. Healy (Portmarnock) 3 and 2.

W.G. Shannon (Royal Dublin) beat J. Claffey (U.C.D.), 2 and 1.

McLoughlin beat Duggan 5 and 3. 

Sanders beat Cahill, 7 and 6. 

J.R. Mahon beat Roper, 2 and 1.

Dalton beat C.F. Myerscough (Foxrock), 3 and 2. 

J.P. Carroll (Bundoran) beat P.A. Bell (Portmarnock), 2 and 1. 

A.W. Briscoe (Castlerea) beat D.F. Alexander (Foxrock), 6 and 4. 

B.L. Smith (Hermitage) beat F.G. Dickson (North West), 3 and 2.

John Burke (holder) (Lahinch) beat V. Hamilton (Woodbrook), 4 and 3. 

Sir Basil McFarland (North West) beat Leo Walsh (Royal Dublin), 6 and 4.

J. L. Crabbe (Foxrock) beat R. G. Walsh (Rosslare) 3 and 2.


First round - April 20

K. Duggan (Hermitage) beat C. Nicholson (North West), 5 and 3. 

J.F. McLoughlin (Royal Dublin) beat D.J. Crowley (Bundoran), 8 and 7. 

M. Cahill (Birr) beat John Lyons (Sligo), 2 up. 

R.M. Sanders (Killiney) beat G. Miller (Royal Dublin) 6 and 4. 

W.P. Roper (T.C.D.) beat Major Martin (Foxrock) 3 and 1. 

J.R. Mahon (Sligo) beat G. O'Connor (Roscommon) 3 and 2. 

E. Dalton (Hermitage) beat Dr. J. Dunne (Sligo) 2 and 1.