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West of Ireland 1933

County Sligo Golf Club, April 15-18 1933

Lahinch's John Burke, the reigning Irish Close champion, won the West of Ireland title at the first attempt with a 13 and 12 victory over Roscommon's Gerald O'Connor. His winning margin was a record for the competition but according to the Irish Independent, "it did not represent any very brilliant golf. The new champion had a round of approximately 77 for the morning half and finished eleven up, and he had 25 for the six holes in the afternoon."

Final - Tuesday, 18 April 1933

John Burke (Lahinch) bt Gerald O'Connor (Roscommon) 13 and 12.

Semi-Finals - Monday, 17 April 1933

Gerald O'Connor beat J. English, 5 and 4. 

John Burke beat Cecil Ewing, 1 up.

Third round - Monday, 17 April 1933

J English (Ballina) beat D. O'Meara (Tullamore) at 20th hole. 

G. O'Connor (Roscommon) beat J.L. Crabbe (Foxrock) 5 and 4. 

Cecil Ewing (Co. Sligo) (holder) beat J. Mahon (Dublin University) 4 and 2.

John Burke (Lahinch) beat W.G. Shannon (Royal Dublin) 3 and 2.

Second Round

J English (Ballina) beat 0. Waller (Birr).

J. O'Meara (Tullamore) beat D. McMullen (Knock), 5 and 3. 

Crabbe beat Martin, 4 and 3

O'Connor beat McLoughlin, 5 and 4. 

C. Ewing beat Jameson , 7 and 6. 

Mahon beat McMullen, 2 and 1.

W. Shannon (Royal Dublin) beat Lyons, 3 and 2

Burke beat H. Ewing (Co. Sligo) 6 and 5.

First round - April 15

Major E. Martin (Foxrock) beat T. A. Healy (Portmamock), 1 up. 

J.L. Crabbe (Foxrock) beat J.T. Towers (North West), 1 up. 

G. O'Connor (Roscommon) beat B. Cook (Troon), 2 and 1. 

B. McLoughlin (Woodbrook) beat H. Gallagher (Strabane), 4 and 3. 

T.F. Jameson (Co. Sligo) beat C.F. English (Ballina), 2 and 1. 

C. Ewing (Co. Sligo) beat V. Hamilton (Woodbrook), 3 and 2. 

James Mahon (Co. Sligo) beat L. Welsh (Royal Dublin), 1 up. 

C. McMullen (Knock) beat P.A. Bell (Portmarnock), 2 and 1. 

J.W. Lyons (Co. Sligo) beat J. Dunne (Co. Sligo), 1 up.