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West of Ireland 1932

County Sligo Golf Club, 26-29 March, 1932

Entry 24

According to the Irish Independent of March 30, four up after the morning round, "Ewing played devastating golf, and in winning by 10 and 8 [against Roscommon's Gerald O'Connor], he had figures of 38 for ten holes [in the afternoon]. An eight handicap man who had achieved a great feat in reaching the final could hardly be expected to stand against this type of golf."

Final  (36 holes) - March 29

Cecil Ewing (Co Sligo) beat Gerald O'Connor (Roscommon) 10 and 8

Semi-finals - March 29

Gerald O'Connor (Roscommon) beat H. E. Bell (Portmarnock), 4 and 3

Cecil Ewing (Sligo) beat Clifford McMullen (Knock) at the 18th

Third round - March 28

G. O'Connor (Roscommon) beat F. Cooper (Hermitage) 4 and 3 

H.E. Bell (Portmarnock) beat Major R. Martin (Foxrock) 5 and 4

C. McMullen (Knock) beat T.A. Healy (Clontarf) l up

C. Ewing (Sligo) beat P.A. Bell (Portmarnock) 4 and 3

Second round - March 27

G. O'Connor (Roscommon) beat P.J. McKenna (Hermitage) 2 up

F. Cooper (Hermitage) beat B. M. Cook (Troon and Paisley) 5 and 3

H. A. Bell beat Waller 4 and 3

Martin beat Crabbe 2 and 1

McMullen beat Rogan 5 and 4

Healy beat Carroll 1 up

P.A. Bell (Portmarnock) beat J.P. Foy (Athlone) 6 and 5

C Ewing (Sligo) beat J.B. Hanna (Knock) 4 and 3

Byes into the 2nd round were:

P.J. McKenna v. Gerald O'Connor (Roscommon), F. Cooper (Hermitage) v Basil M. Cook (Troon and Paisley),  P.A. Bell (Portmarnock) v. J.P. Foy (Athlone), Cecil Ewing (Sligo) v. J.B. Hanna (Knock). 

First round - March 26

Otway Waller (Birr and Portmarnock), w.o. R.A. Dwyer (Hermitage) scr.

H.E. Bell (Portmarnock), w.o.; E.F. English (Ballina), scr. 

Major R.R. Martin (Foxrock), w.o.; Jas. McKenna (North West), scr. 

J.L. Crabbe (Foxrock) beat Harry Ewing (Sligo), 2 and 1. 

Clifford McMullen (Knock) beat Jas. Mahon (Sligo) at 20th.

J.A. Rogan (Portmarnock) beat Victor Hamilton (Woodbrook) 1 up. 

T.A. Henley (Clontarf) beat W. Ormsby (Sligo), 5 and 4.

G.A. Carroll (Dundalk) J.W. Lyons (Sligo) 6 and 5.