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West of Ireland 1926

Co Sligo GC, Rosses Point, August 11-13, 1926

The Irish Independent of Saturday, August 14, 1926, reported:

J.L. Crabbe (Foxrock) put up some sensational golf when beating W. G. McConnell (Dun Laoghaire) (holder) in the final of theWest of Ireland Championship at Rosses Point yesterday. These players met in the final stage of the Western title in 1924, and the victory gained by Crabbe on that occasion was confirmed yesterday. 

The morning round produced golf which would not credit amateurs in Ireland as being capable of. Even allowing that the bogey of the course is not an exceptionally difficult one, the fact of such bogey being beaten by seven strokes must he recorded as a remarkable performance. 

Crabbe had a card of 72 for tho first half of the 36 holes, while McConnell, with four strokes worse, was also well under the par score. 

Crabbe's card was as follows:—
Out     —4 4 3 3 4 4 4 3 5—34
Home —3 5 4 4 4 5 4 4 5—38 — 72 

Though Crabbe and McConnell have met in many competitions, the latter has yet to obtain a victory over the Foxrock man, and the moral effect of not having done so may, to a certain extent, have affected McConnll's play in their latest encounter. Both players lived up to their reputations as match fighters, and the final score is no criterion, as it was only in the concluding stages that McConnell fell away. In addition to playing splendid golf, Crabbe had Dame Fortune on his side. Honours wore even for the first nine holes, with the score 31 against 35 in favour of Crabbe. McConnell became one down for the first time at the 11th, and from that on he was unable to come on terms.

McConnell had sheer bad luck on the 15th, 24th and 27th greens. In ordinary circumstances, he would have holed all three putts but on this occasion, it was not to be. Crabbe commenced the last round in a strong position, as he was two up. A three at the 19th increased his lead, but McConnell won the hole back at the 20th. The positions were relatively the same until the turn, when McConnell, having two putts, failed to obtain a half. From that on Crabbe was master of the situation, and though M'Conuell won the 28th with a splendid two he eventually passed out on the 32nd green beaten by 5 and 4.

Final - Friday, 13th August 

J.L. Crabbe (Foxrock) bt  W.G. McConnell (Dun Laoghaire) 5 and 4

Semi-finals - Thursday, 12th August

J.L. Crabbe (Foxrock) bt W. Campbell (Foxrock) 5 and 4
W.G. McConnell (Dun Laoghaire) bt A.R. Mallet (Dun Laoghaire) at the 20th

Fourth round - Wednesday, 11th August

McConnell bt. Sinclair, 4 and 2. 
Mallet bt. Ewing, 2 up
Crabbe bt. Beatty, 6 and 5. 
Campbell bt. Cook, 1 up.

Third round  — Wednesday, 11th August

J. Sinclair (Co Sligo ) bt D Quinlan (Galway), 2 and 1
W.G. McConnell (Dun Laoghaire) bt. A. W Briscoe (Dublin University), 3 and 1
C. Ewing (Co. Sligo) bt. H.C. Lyons (Co Sligo), 5 and 3. 
A. R. Mallet (Dun Laoghaire) bt. J. Gillespie (Portmarnock), 1 up
D. Beatty (Foxrock) bt W. Ormsby (Co. Sligo), 1 up.
J.L. Crabbe (Foxrock) bt. E.D. McCormack (Grange), 6 and 4. 
W. Campbell (Co. Sligo) bt J.P O'Carrol (Bundoran), 6 and 5.
B.M Cook (Co. Sligo) bt Dr. H. Swan (Co. Sligo) 4 and 2.

Second Round - Tuesday, 10th August

J. Sinclair (Co. _Sligo) beat J. Mclaughlin (Co. Sligo), 5 and 4. 
D. Quinlan (Galway) beat R.V. Hamilton (Foxrock), 6 and 4. 
A.W. Briscoe (Dublin University) beat M.J. Doolin (Birr), 6 and 5. 
W.G. McConnell  (Dun Laoghaire) beat Dr. C.J. McCarthy (Co. Sligo), 4 and 3. 
C. Ewing (Co. Sligo) beat J.W. Campbell (Co. Sligo), 3 and 2. 
H.C. Lyons (Co. Sligo ) beat F. Nally (Co. Sligo). 2 up.
A.R. Mallet beat A.J. Sweeney, 2 and 1. 
P.J. Gillespie beat E. Alexander, 6 and 4. 
D. Beatty beat P. McCarthy, 5 and 4. 
W. Ormsby beat P.J. McGrath at 19th. 
E.D. MacCormark (Grange) beat W.J. O'Reilly (Co. Sligo), 4 and 2. 
J.L. Crabbe (Foxrock) beat, A.D. Pringle (Royal Dublin), 6 and 5. 
W. Campbell (Co. Sligo) beat H. Lyons (Co. Sligo), 2 up.
B. Cook (Co. Sligo) beat H MacDowell (Co. Sligo), 2 and 1.
H. Swan (Co. Sligo) beat R.J. Leonard (Royal Dublin), 2 and 1.

First Round - Tuesday, 10th August

A.R. Mallet (Dun Laoghaire) beat Col. R.J. Tamplin (Grange), at 19th
J.A. Sweeney (Birr) w.o. G. O'Connor (Roscommon) scr. 
P.J. Gillespie (Portmarnock) beat A.P. Jackson (Co. Sligo), 5 and 3. 
T.E. Alexander (Foxrock) beat M.D. Higgins (Co. Sligo), 6 and 5. 
P.J. McCarthy (Royal Dublin) beat G. H. Hamton (Co Louth), 6 and 5. 
D. Beatty (Foxrock) beat H.  Boyers (Longford), 1 up. 
P. McGrath (Dun Laoghaire) beat W.J. Kelly (Co. Sligo), 5 and 4. 
W. Ormsby (Co Sligo) beat J.L. Garvey (Castlebar), 4 and 2.