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West of Ireland 1924

Co Sligo Golf Club, June 23-26, 1925

Field size — 32

The Irish Independent's "Special Representative" reported on the final as follows:  

The West of Ireland Golf Championship was decided at Rosses Point, yesterday, when W.G. McConnell (Dun Laoghaire and Portmarnock) defeated E.D. MacCormack (Grange) by 6 and 5 in the final. 
This is the first occasion on which McConnell has secured championship honours, though he has figured in no fewer than four finals. Though one may be inclined to sympathise with his youthful opponent who battled it out bravely in the face of adversity, one cannot get away from the fact that the more polished golfer won. It was MacCormack's first appearance in a "championship" final and his play in the morning round appeared to be affected by a certain amount of stage fright. Read more.


W.G. McConnell (Dun Laoghaire) bt E.D. MacCormack (Grange) 6 and 5


W.G. McConnell (Dun Laoghaire) bt Dr O'Meara (Tullamore) 5 and 3
E.D. MacCormack (Grange) bt Oswald Brown (Tuam) 4 and 3.

Fourth Round

Brown bt Campbell 2 up
MacCormack bt Crabbe 3 and 2
McConnell bt "Golfer" 2 and 1
O'Meara bt Horne 7 and 5

Third Round

W. W. Campbell (Co Sligo) bt A. Cockspur (Foxrock)  6 and 4
O. Brown (Tuam) bt A. Cook (Co Sligo) 6 and 4
J. Crabbe (Foxrock) bt W. Ormsby (Sligo) 3 and 2
E.D. MacCormack (Grange) beat R.R. Boyd (Portmarnock) 4 and 3
T. "Golfer) (Tuam) bt D. Alexander (Foxrock), 1 up. 
W.G. McConnell (Dun Laoghaire) bt A.V. Jackson (Co Sligo) 3 and 2
J. O'Meara (Tullamore) bt V. Hamilton (Foxrock)  4 and 2
K. Horne (Foxrock) bt J.E. Beatty (Foxrock) 1 up

Second Round

A Cockspur (Foxrock) w/o J. Ennis (Carrick-on-Shannon) scr
O Brown (Tuam) bt T Ewing (Co Sligo) 6 and 4
A Cook (Co Sligo) bt A. Henderson (Co Sligo) 7 and 6
W. Ormsby (Co Sligo) bt T.P. Toher (Co Sligo)  3 and 2
J. Ranger (Foxrock) bt H.C. Lyons (Co Sligo) 3 and 2
E.D. MacCormack (Grange) bt J.J. Stafford (Shanghai) 7 and 6
R.R. Boyd (Portmarnock) w/o
T. Golfer bt Sinclair 3 and 2
Alexander bt R.J. Arnott (Lahinch) 1 up
A.P. Jackson (Co Sligo) bt C. Ewing (Co Sligo) 1 up
W.G. McConnell (Dun Laoghaire) w/o  J. McCarthy (Co Sligo)
V. Hamilton (Foxrock) bt J. O'Connor (Co Sligo) 1 up
J. O'Meara (Tullamore) bt R. Todbert (Boyle) 
J.E. Beatty (Foxrock) bt T. O'Hara (Co Sligo) 7 and 6
K. Horne (Foxrock) bt McCarthy (Co Sligo) 1 up

First Round

J.R. Boyd (Portmarnock) bt J. McLouglin (Co Sligo) 1 up
J. McAuley (Carrick-on-Shannon) and F Sweeney (Bundoran) both scratched
T. Golfer (Tuam) bt A.M. Lyons (Co Sligo), 6 and 5
Jas. Sinclair (Co Sligo) bt M.D. Higgins (Co Sligo) 6 and 5
D. Alexander (Foxrock) w/o J.E. Dalton (Hermitage) scr.