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Walker Cup 2013

National Golf Links of America , Southampton, New York (6,995 yards, par 72)

September 7-8, 2013

USA (Jim Holtgrieve) 17

Great Britain and Ireland (Nigel Edwards) 9



Morning Foursomes (US names first)

Cory Whitsett and Bobby Wyatt halved with Nathan Kimsey and Max Orrin

Jordan Niebrugge and Nathan Smith lost to Matthew Fitzpatrick and Neil Raymond 1 up

Michael Weaver and Todd White lost to Garrick Porteous and Rhys Pugh 3 and 1

Patrick Rodgers and Justin Thomas, USA, bt Gavin Moynihan and Kevin Phelan 2 and 1

USA 1 1/2, Great Britain and Ireland 2 1/2


Afternoon Singles

Bobby Wyatt bt Neil Raymond 2 up

Max Homa bt Max Orrin 5 and 3

Michael Kim bt Callum Shinkwin 2 and 1

Cory Whitsett bt. Jordan Smith 1 up

Michael Weaver bt Matthew Fitzpatrick 3 and 1

Jordan Niebrugge bt Garrick Porteous 1 up

Justin Thomas halved with Nathan Kimsey

Patrick Rodgers lost to Gavin Moynihan 2 and 1

USA 6 1/2 GB&I 1 1/2

Overall Saturday, USA 8, Great Britain and Ireland 4



Morning Foursomes

Nathan Kimsey and Max Orrin, GB&I lost to Bobby Wyatt and Cory Whitsett, USA 2 and 1

Matthew Fitzpatrick and Neil Raymond, GB&I bt. Michael Weaver and Todd White, USA 3 and 2

Garrick Porteous and Rhys Pugh, GB&I lost to Max Homa and Michael Kim, USA 1 up

Gavin Moynihan and Kevin Phelan, GB&I bt Patrick Rodgers and Jordan Niebrugge, USA 2 up

USA 2, Great Britain and Ireland 2

Overall USA 10, GB&I 6


Afternoon Singles

Neil Raymond, GB&I lost to Bobby Wyatt, USA 4 and 3

Max Orrin, GB&I lost to Justin Thomas, USA 6 and 4

Matthew Fitzpatrick, GB&I bt. Michael Weaver, USA 3 and 2

Rhys Pugh, GB&I lost to Todd White, USA 4 and 3

Nathan Kimsey, GB&I lost to Nathan Smith, USA 4 and 3

Callum Shinkwin, GB&I bt Cory Whitsett, USA 2 up

Garrick Porteous, GB&I lost to Michael Kim, USA 4 and 2

Kevin Phelan, GB&I bt Max Homa, USA 2 and 1

Jordan Smith, GB&I lost to Jordan Niebrugge, USA 6 and 5

Gavin Moynihan, GB&I lost to. Patrick Rodgers, USA 1 up

USA 7, GB&I 3

Overall Sunday: USA 9, GB&I 5