Sugrue tames O'Rourke and Lahinch winds to claim South glory
James Sugrue of Mallow Golf Club takes a moment with the trophy after his 3 and 2 victory over Conor O'Rourke of Naas Golf Club in the South of Ireland final at Lahinch.  Picture © Brian Arthur/Golffile

James Sugrue of Mallow Golf Club takes a moment with the trophy after his 3 and 2 victory over Conor O'Rourke of Naas Golf Club in the South of Ireland final at Lahinch.  Picture © Brian Arthur/Golffile

They say happiness is a long walk with a putter but for Mallow's James Sugrue it wasn't just his touch on the greens that gave him his first major win but a deadly combination of ball-striking brilliance and cool under pressure.

Few can remember a tougher South of Ireland Championship as a relentless westerly wind, gusting up to 40 mph for the Pierse Motors Volkswagen sponsored classic, buffeted the players for five days in a row.

In the end, it was a case of survival of the fittest — physically, mentally and technically — and eventual runner up Conor O'Rourke graciously conceded that he was beaten by the better man.

“It was the middle part of the round, and I think he just got on top of me,” a bitterly disappointed O’Rourke said of that crucial run from the 10th to the 13th where Sugrue combined nerveless putting and clever course management with a sprinkling of good fortune to lay the foundations of a thoroughly deserved 3 and 2 victory.

“He probably got those little breaks you need to win an event which I got to win the St Andrews Links Trophy last year. But to be honest, I am not as disappointed as I thought I might be to lose a final. I played really nice golf, and James just played better.” 

A strapping 20-year old with a Connacht Boys, a Munster Youths title and three years of international Boys golf on his CV, he was considered something of an underachiever until yesterday.

Relentless from tee to green, he had an epiphany at Baltray in June when he realised that he was going nowhere unless he addressed his weakness on the greens.

James Sugrue, 2017 South of Ireland champion, takes a moment with the trophy after his 3 and 2 victory over Conor O'Rourke of Naas Golf Club on Sunday evening.  Picture © Brian Arthur/Golffile

James Sugrue, 2017 South of Ireland champion, takes a moment with the trophy after his 3 and 2 victory over Conor O'Rourke of Naas Golf Club on Sunday evening.  Picture © Brian Arthur/Golffile

“I had absolutely no confidence with the putter,” he said. “Hitting 15 or 16 greens and having 40 putts was a regular occurrence. 

“At the East this year I hit 16, 15, 14 and 16 greens and only shot one round under par and said, right, I have to change.”

James Sugrue (Mallow) and his caddie Mark MacGrath (Lahinch/Limerick) during the final of the South of Ireland Golf Championship in Lahinch. Picture © Brian Arthur/Golffile

James Sugrue (Mallow) and his caddie Mark MacGrath (Lahinch/Limerick) during the final of the South of Ireland Golf Championship in Lahinch. Picture © Brian Arthur/Golffile

His decision to learn the AimPoint method under Gareth McShea at Edmondstown was every bit as important as the years of hard work he had done on his swing with Mark Collins at Mallow Driving Range.

It was a major wake up call on a par with the elaborate plans he made to avoid oversleeping for yesterday's 8.45am showdown with Irish Amateur Open champion Peter O'Keeffe.

After being disqualified for missing his first round tee time in the "North" a few weeks ago, Sugrue joked: "I had a wake-up call, two alarms set and my caddie ringing me and my Mam ringing me at 7 am this morning. There was no way I was sleeping it in this time!”

O'Keeffe was left wishing one of them had stayed in bed after watching Sugrue hole four 10 footers in the space of five holes to beat him 2 and 1.

It wasn't just putting that beat O'Rourke but a series of superb tee shots and raking long irons on the 6,950-yard Old Course that was at its pristine best.

The Naas man was sensational all week, coming out on top in what Lahinch veterans with long memories insist was the longest match in the history of the “South” on Saturday morning when he beat Laytown and Bettystown’s Thomas Mulligan on the 27th before eliminating leading qualifier Rowan Lester on the 18th in the quarter-finals.

James Sugrue and Conor O'Rourke during in the final of the South of Ireland Golf Championship in Lahinch. Picture © Brian Arthur/Golffile

James Sugrue and Conor O'Rourke during in the final of the South of Ireland Golf Championship in Lahinch. Picture © Brian Arthur/Golffile

In the semi-finals, O’Rourke was again superb as he hit West of Ireland champion Barry Anderson from Royal Dublin with a birdie barrage to win 3 and 2.

But he had to take his hat off to the ball-striking brilliance and sure touch of an inspired Sugrue in the final.

The Mallow man rolled in a 35 footer for birdie at the first, halved the second in birdie and then won the third with a par and the fourth with a conceded eagle from 10 feet three to go three up.

O'Rourke won the fifth with a conceded birdie, lost the seventh to a par but took the eighth in par after Sugrue's three-putt and the ninth with a birdie from four feet to be just one down at the turn.

But he admitted that match was decided in the first four holes on the back nine as Sugrue won the 10th in par to go two up again, holed an 18 footer for a half in par at the short 11th and then pitched in from around 20 yards for eagle at the 12th to go three up when O'Rourke was just six feet away.

Facing a slick 18 footer from the back of the 13th, Sugrue was fortunate that his speedy putt hit the back of the hole with a thump and finished six inches away rather than trundling 20 feet down a tier.

Conor O'Rourke. Picture © Brian Arthur/Golffile

Conor O'Rourke. Picture © Brian Arthur/Golffile

The 14th was halved in pars after both men hit superb approaches — Sugrue to 12 feet and O'Rourke to around 20 feet — but left their birdie putts in the jaws.

After bravely holing from 10 feet for par to stay alive at the 15th, where Sugure his a glorious, 198 yard three iron to 15 feet but came up short wih his putt for the title, they moved on to the 16th.

Playing 192 yards downwind, Sugrue hit a superb eight iron to 12 feet. left of the hole

O'Rourke chose a seven-iron to make sure he could reach the back middle pin but he overshot the green by a few yards and narrowly failed to chip in from the swale at the back, leaving Sugrue two putts for the title from 12 feet which he duly took.

The champion conceded that the 18 footer he holed for a half at the 11th was "big". But his chip-in eagle at the par-five 12th arguably broke O'Rourke's heart. 

"You can reach it all day long but there is no way you are keeping it on the green with that wind at your back," Sugrue said of the cleverly played approach that came up just short, leaving him a straightforward pitch up the green.

"It is a relatively easy chip from short. So I hit an eight iron from 240 yards and knew I wasn't going to get up."

With O'Rourke just six feet away in three after a lovely pitch, Sugrue chose a 60-degree wedge and nipped it perfectly.

"A few hops and down she dropped," he said, insisting that it would not have gone more than four feet past had it not hit the pin.

Thrilled to win Munster’s flagship event after missing the cut in his first two appearances, he said: “I am absolutely delighted. Outside the Irish Amateur Open, this is the one I wanted to win because I’m from the south and because it’s Lahinch."

James Sugrue takes a moment to enjoy his victory. Picture © Brian Arthur/Golffile

James Sugrue takes a moment to enjoy his victory. Picture © Brian Arthur/Golffile

116th South of Ireland Amateur Open, sponsored by Pierse Motors Volkswagen

Final - Sunday, July 30

  1. James Sugrue (Mallow) bt Conor O’Rourke (Naas) 3/2

Semi-finals - Sunday, July 30

  1. Conor O’Rourke (Naas) bt Barry Anderson (The Royal Dublin) 3/2
  2. James Sugrue (Mallow) bt Peter O’Keeffe (Douglas) 2/1

Quarter-finals - Saturday, July 29

  1. Conor O’Rourke (Naas) bt Rowan Lester (Hermitage) 1 hole;
  2. Barry Anderson (The Royal Dublin) bt William Russell (Clandeboye) 1 hole;
  3. Peter O’Keeffe (Douglas) bt Robbie Cannon (Balbriggan) 3/1
  4. James Sugrue (Mallow) bt John Murphy (Kinsale) 2/1.

Round three - Saturday, July 29

  1. Conor O’Rourke (Naas) bt Thomas Mulligan (Laytown & Bettystown) 27th;
  2. Rowan Lester (Hermitage) bt Pat Murray (Clontarf) 2/1;
  3. Barry Anderson (The Royal Dublin) bt Paul Murphy (Rosslare) 1 hole;
  4. William Russell (Clandeboye) bt Rory Williamson (Holywood) 1 hole;
  5. Robbie Cannon (Balbriggan) bt Jake Whelan (Newlands) 3/2;
  6. Peter O’Keeffe (Douglas) bt Cathal Butler (Kinsale) 2/1;
  7. John Murphy (Kinsale) bt Colm Campbell Jnr (Warrenpoint) 19th;
  8. James Sugrue (Mallow) bt Gary O’Flaherty (Cork) 4/2.

Round two - Friday, July 28

  1. Conor O’Rourke (Naas) bt Joe Lyons (Galway) 4/3
  2. Thomas Mulligan (Laytown & Bettystown bt Jonathan Yates (Naas) 2/1
  3. Pat Murray (Clontarf) bt Eugene Smith (Laytown & Bettystown) 1H
  4. Rowan Lester (Hermitage) bt Mark Morrissey (Co Sligo) 7/5
  5. Paul Murphy (Rosslare) bt Thomas O’Connor (Athlone) 19th
  6. Barry Anderson (The Royal Dublin) bt Hugh Foley (The Royal Dublin) 3/2
  7. Rory Williamson (Holywood) bt Paul Coughlan (Castleknock) 3/1
  8. William Russell (Clandeboye) bt Eanna Griffin (Waterford) 1H
  9. Jake Whelan (Newlands) bt Stuart Grehan (Tullamore) 1H
  10. Robert Cannon (Balbriggan) bt Ed Stack (Ballybunion) 3/2
  11. Peter O’Keeffe (Douglas) bt Sean Poucher (Limerick) 1H
  12. Cathal Butler (Kinsale) bt Robert Brazill (Naas) 1H
  13. Colm Campbell Jnr (Warrenpoint) bt Gary Ward (Kinsale) 4/3
  14. John Murphy (Kinsale) bt Andrew McCormack (Castletroy) 2H
  15. Gary O’Flaherty (Cork) bt Stephen Loftus (Yas Links Golf Club UAE) 5/4
  16. James Sugrue (Mallow) bt Darragh Coghlan (Portmarnock) 2/1

Round one - Friday, July 28

  1. C O’Rourke (Naas) bt S Desmond (Monkstown) 6/5;
  2. J Lyons, (Galway) bt T Clarke (Royal Portrush) 1 hole;
  3. T Mulligan (Laytown & Bettystown) bt T Cleary (Woodstock) 5/4;
  4. J Yates (Naas) bt S Carter (The Royal Dublin) 2 holes;
  5. P Murray (Clontarf) bt T Hackett (The Royal Dublin) 4/3;
  6. E Smith (Laytown & Bettystown) bt J Fletcher (Warrenpoint) 5/4;
  7. M Morrissey (Co. Sligo) bt M Norton (Belvoir Park) 6/5;
  8. R Lester (Hermitage) bt E Long (Monkstown) 5/4;
  9. P Murphy (Rosslare) bt JR Galbraith (Whitehead) 3/2
  10. T O’Connor (Athlone) bt C Woodroofe (Dun Laoghaire) 2/1;
  11. H Foley (The Royal Dublin) bt J McDonnell (Forrest Little) 1 hole;
  12. B Anderson (The Royal Dublin) bt D Murphy (Portarlington) 6/5;
  13. P Coughlan (Castleknock) bt J Pierse (Portmarnock) 19th;
  14. R Williamson (Holywood) bt B Doran (Baltinglass) 4/3;
  15. W Russell (Clandeboye) bt R Mullarney (Galway) 4/3;
  16. E Griffin (Waterford) bt C Purcell (Portmarnock) 2/1;
  17. S Grehan (Tullamore) bt J McVicker (Knock) 2 holes;
  18. J Whelan (Newlands) bt P Kerr (Royal Portrush) 25th;
  19. E Stack (Ballybunion) bt J Ryan (Castletroy) 2 holes;
  20. R Cannon (Balbriggan) bt D Brennan (Shannon) 2/1;
  21. P O’Keeffe (Douglas) bt O O’Brien (Limerick) 2 holes;
  22. S Poucher (Limerick) bt M McKinstry (Cairndhu) 2/1;
  23. R Brazill (Naas) bt M O’Kelly (Limerick) 19th;
  24. C Butler (Kinsale) bt A Gleeson (Castle) 3/1;
  25. C Campbell Jnr (Warrenpoint) bt B Shally (Dromoland) 5/3;
  26. G Ward (Kinsale) bt G Smyth (Clonmel) 2/1;
  27. A McCormack (Castletroy) bt MJ Kennelly (Galway Bay) 6/5;
  28. J Murphy (Kinsale) bt C Fairweather (Knock) 3/2;
  29. G O’Flaherty (Cork) bt K Murphy (Charlesland) 1 hole;
  30. D Loftus (Yas Links Golf Club, UAE) bt G Lenehan (Portmarnock) 3/2;
  31. J Sugrue (Mallow) bt D McMahon (Castletroy) 1 hole;
  32. D Coghlan (Portmarnock) bt R Dawson (Tramore) 4/3.

Strokeplay qualifying, Lahinch GC, July 26-27


143 R Lester (Hermitage), 72, 71

147 R Dawson (Tramore), 74, 73

149 R Cannon (Balbriggan), 76, 73

150 A Gleeson  (Castle), 78, 72; E Smith (Laytown & Bettystown), 77, 73

151 G Lenehan (Portmarnock), 77, 74; C O’Rourke (Naas), 76, 75; C Purcell (Portmarnock), 75, 76

152 J Ryan (Castletroy), 76, 76

153 B Doran (Baltinglass), 78, 75; J Mc Donnell (Forrest Little), 77, 76; G O’Flaherty (Cork), 76, 77

154 S Grehan (Tullamore), 78, 76; M McKinstry (Cairndhu), 75, 79

155 M Kennelly (Galway Bay), 78, 77; T Mulligan (Laytown & Bettystown), 77, 78; J Lyons (Galway), 76, 79

156 G Smyth (Clonmel), 82, 74; J Fletcher (Warrenpoint), 82, 74; J Galbraith (Whitehead), 81, 75; T O’Connor (Athlone), 81, 75; D Coghlan (Portmarnock), 80, 76; J Whelan (Newlands), 80, 76; D McMahon (Castletroy), 80, 76; M Norton (Belvoir Park), 80, 76; M Morrissey (Co. Sligo), 79, 77; J Sugrue (Mallow), 79, 77; P Kerr (Royal Portrush), 78, 78; W Russell (Clandeboye), 78, 78; J Yates (Naas), 77, 79

157 C Woodroofe (Dun Laoghaire), 84, 73; B Anderson (The Royal Dublin), 82, 75; R Brazill (Naas), 81, 76; G Ward (Kinsale), 80, 77; T Clarke (Royal Portrush), 80, 77; T Cleary (Woodstock), 78, 79; P Murray (Clontarf), 78, 79

158 A McCormack (Castletroy), 83, 75; S Poucher (Limerick), 83, 75; H Foley (The Royal Dublin), 82, 76; S Loftus (Yas Links Golf Club, UAE), 82, 76; E Stack (Ballybunion), 81, 77; J Pierse (Portmarnock), 81, 77; R Williamson (Holywood), 81, 77; M O’Kelly (Limerick), 80, 78; C Campbell (Warrenpoint), 78, 80; T Hackett (The Royal Dublin), 78, 80; K Murphy (Charlesland), 78, 80; D Brennan (Shannon), 78, 80; P Coughlan (Castleknock), 77, 81; P O'Keeffe (Douglas), 76, 82

159 D Murphy (Portarlington), 82, 77; O O’Brien (Limerick), 81, 78; C Fairweather (Knock), 80, 79; J Murphy (Kinsale), 80, 79; S Carter (The Royal Dublin), 75, 84; S Desmond (Monkstown), 74, 85

160 B Shally (Dromoland), 84, 76; C Butler (Kinsale), 84, 76; P Murphy (Rosslare), 82, 78; E Griffin (Waterford), 80, 80; J McVicker (Knock), 80, 80; R Mullarney (Galway), 80, 80; E Long (Monkstown), 79, 81.


160  T Ford (Co. Sligo), 79, 81; R McKinstry (Cairndhu), 78, 82; B Murray (Waterford Castle), 78, 82

161 M Looby (Greystones), 84, 77; K Bornemann (Douglas), 82, 79; T McLarnon (Massereene), 82, 79; G Lappin (Belvoir Park), 81, 80; M Shiel (Galway Bay), 81, 80; J Walsh (Castle), 80, 81; M Power (Kilkenny), 80, 81; A Mulhall (Ardglass), 79, 82; L Donnelly (Kilkenny), 79, 82

162 R Dutton (Tandragee), 85, 77; R Steedman (Courtown), 85, 77; C Rafferty (Dundalk), 83, 79; D Lowry (Corrstown), 81, 81; J Kehoe (Limerick), 79, 83; M Ryan (New Ross), 78, 84; G Fitzmaurice (Balcarrick), 78, 84

163 S Greenberg (Tandragee), 87, 76; S Walsh (Portmarnock), 85, 78; M Boucher (Carton House), 84, 79; P Kelly (Co. Armagh), 83, 80; L Grehan (Mullingar), 82, 81; M MacGrath (Lahinch), 81, 82; K McCarron (North West), 81, 82; J Sutherland (Galgorm Castle), 81, 82; J Hickey (Cork), 78, 85

164 C Cunningham (Carton House), 86, 78; C Geraghty (Laytown & Bettystown), 86, 78; M Grehan (Tullamore), 83, 81; D Brophy (Castleknock), 82, 82; P O’Hara (Kilkenny), 81, 83; G Nugent (Kilkenny), 79, 85

165 E Leonard (Wentworth/Killiney), 86, 79; R Knightly (The Royal Dublin), 85, 80; J Greene (Portmarnock), 83, 82; J Knipe (Royal Portrush), 81, 84; E Power (Kilkenny), 81, 84

166 M Buggy (Castlecomer), 91, 75; S Ledbury (GC de Louvain La Neuve, Belgium), 88, 78; J Hood (Galgorm Castle), 84, 82; A Fahy (Dun Laoghaire), 83, 83; T Collins (Dun Laoghaire), 82, 84; H O’Hare (Fortwilliam), 81, 85; R Pierse (Grange), 80, 86

167 C Dowling (Mallow), 89, 78; A McDaid (Palmerstown Stud), 89, 78; A Ryan (Thurles), 88, 79; D Mc Inerney (Lahinch), 87, 80; D Morley (Oughterard), 84, 83; D Foy (Laytown & Bettystown), 84, 83; A Lynch (Bray), 83, 84; D Reddan Jnr (Nenagh), 82, 85

168 T Neenan (Lahinch), 86, 82; S Sweeney (Vista Valencia USA), 85, 83; S Ryan (The Royal Dublin), 83, 85; S Hogan (Nenagh), 82, 86

169 S McGlynn (Portmarnock), 88, 81; W Small (Tandragee), 87, 82; G McGrane (The Royal Dublin), 87, 82; P Connolly (Killeen Castle), 86, 83; M Reddan (Limerick), 84, 85; R O’Connor (Co. Sligo), 82, 87

170 J Blake (The Island), 87, 83; J Rackard (Enniscorthy), 85, 85; P Sheehan (Ballybunion), 83, 87

171 P Carey (Nenagh), 86, 85

172 P Fitzpatrick (Kanturk), 91, 81; D Sheedy (California GC USA), 89, 83; G O’Connor-Brooks (Lake Bluff Golf Club, USA), 88, 84; C Ryan (Dun Laoghaire), 86, 86

173 C Kelly (Fort Lauderdale CC, USA), 85, 88; P O’Connor (Macroom), 84, 89

174 B Tolsma (Apple Valley Golf Club, USA), 89, 85

176 C Nolan (Galway), 93, 83; P Flynn (Tramore), 89, 87

178 G Carr (Mullingar), 90, 88

180 P Gribben (Warrenpoint), 89, 91

182 K Connolly (The Heritage), 98, 84

185 D Crawford (Bundoran), 90, 95

NR B McGarry (Nenagh); G Young (Nenagh); M Horan (Birr)

RTD M Nolan (Delgany); S Healy (The Royal Dublin)


Round one

72 R Lester (Hermitage)

74 R Dawson (Tramore); S Desmond (Monkstown)

75 M McKinstry (Cairndhu); C Purcell (Portmarnock); S Carter (The Royal Dublin)

76 C O’Rourke (Naas); J Lyons (Galway); G O'Flaherty (Cork); P O' Keeffe (Douglas); R Cannon (Balbriggan); J Ryan (Castletroy)

77 J Yates (Naas); G Lenehan (Portmarnock); J McDonnell (Forrest Little); E Smith (Laytown & Bettystown); T Mulligan (Laytown & Bettystown); P Coughlan (Castleknock)

78 C Campbell (Warrenpoint); J Hickey (Cork); B Murray (Waterford Castle); S Grehan (Tullamore); K Murphy (Charlesland); W Russell (Clandeboye); G Fitzmaurice (Balcarrick); A Gleeson  (Castle); B Doran (Baltinglass); P Kerr (Royal Portrush); D Brennan (Shannon); M Kennelly (Galway Bay); T Hackett (The Royal Dublin); M Ryan (New Ross); R McKinstry (Cairndhu); P Murray (Clontarf); T Cleary (Woodstock)

79 E Long (Monkstown); A Mulhall (Ardglass); J Kehoe (Limerick); M Morrissey (Co. Sligo); J Sugrue (Mallow); T Ford (Co. Sligo); G Nugent (Kilkenny); L Donnelly (Kilkenny)

80 R Pierse (Grange); T Clarke (Royal Portrush); D Coghlan (Portmarnock); D McMahon (Castletroy); J Walsh (Castle); M Norton (Belvoir Park); J Murphy (Kinsale); J Whelan (Newlands); C Fairweather (Knock); M O’Kelly (Limerick); J McVicker (Knock); G Ward (Kinsale); R Mullarney (Galway); E Griffin (Waterford); M Power (Kilkenny)

81 K McCarron (North West); J Knipe (Royal Portrush); M Nolan (Delgany); E Power (Kilkenny); J Sutherland (Galgorm Castle); J Pierse (Portmarnock); R Williamson (Holywood); R Brazill (Naas); O O’Brien (Limerick); H O'Hare (Fortwilliam); P O'Hara (Kilkenny); T O'Connor (Athlone); M MacGrath (Lahinch); D Lowry (Corrstown); J Galbraith (Whitehead); G Lappin (Belvoir Park); M Shiel (Galway Bay); E Stack (Ballybunion)

82 S Loftus (Yas Links Golf Club, UAE); B Anderson (The Royal Dublin); K Bornemann (Douglas); D Brophy (Castleknock); D Reddan Jnr (Nenagh); L Grehan (Mullingar); D Murphy (Portarlington); R O’Connor (Co. Sligo); T Collins (Dun Laoghaire); J Fletcher (Warrenpoint); G Smyth (Clonmel); H Foley (The Royal Dublin); P Murphy (Rosslare); S Hogan (Nenagh); T McLarnon (Massereene)

83 A Fahy (Dun Laoghaire); J Greene (Portmarnock); A McCormack (Castletroy); M Grehan (Tullamore); C Rafferty (Dundalk); P Sheehan (Ballybunion); A Lynch (Bray); S Ryan (The Royal Dublin); S Poucher (Limerick); P Kelly (Co. Armagh); G Young (Nenagh); B McGarry (Nenagh)

84 M Boucher (Carton House); M Horan (Birr); M Looby (Greystones); C Woodroofe (Dun Laoghaire); B Shally (Dromoland); D Foy (Laytown & Bettystown); P O’Connor (Macroom); C Butler (Kinsale); J Hood (Galgorm Castle); M Reddan (Limerick); D Morley (Oughterard)

85 C Kelly (Fort Lauderdale CC, USA); R Dutton (Tandragee); S Sweeney (Vista Valencia USA); S Walsh (Portmarnock); J Rackard (Enniscorthy); R Steedman (Courtown); R Knightly (The Royal Dublin)

86 P Connolly (Killeen Castle); T Neenan (Lahinch); E Leonard (Wentworth/Killiney); C Cunningham (Carton House); P Carey (Nenagh); C Ryan (Dun Laoghaire); C Geraghty (Laytown & Bettystown)

87 S Greenberg (Tandragee); W Small (Tandragee); J Blake (The Island); D McInerney (Lahinch); G McGrane (The Royal Dublin)

88 G O’Connor-Brooks (Lake Bluff Golf Club, USA); S Ledbury (GC de Louvain La Neuve, Belgium); S McGlynn (Portmarnock); A Ryan (Thurles)

89 P Flynn (Tramore); A McDaid (Palmerstown Stud); C Dowling (Mallow); B Tolsma (Apple Valley Golf Club, USA); P Gribben (Warrenpoint); D Sheedy (California GC USA)

90 G Carr (Mullingar); D Crawford (Bundoran)

91 P Fitzpatrick (Kanturk); M Buggy (Castlecomer)

93 C Nolan (Galway)

98 K Connolly (The Heritage)

RTD S Healy (The Royal Dublin)


  1. (07:00/11:20) S Walsh (Portmarnock), M Morrissey (Co. Sligo), P Kelly (Co. Armagh);
  2. (07:10/11:30) P Flynn (Tramore), P Connolly (Killeen Castle), C Cunningham (Carton House);
  3. (07:20/11:40) G Carr (Mullingar), M McKinstry (Cairndhu), J Blake (The Island);
  4. (07:30/11:50) W Small (Tandragee), R McKinstry (Cairndhu), P Gribben (Warrenpoint);
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  20. (10:20/14:50) E Power (Kilkenny), K Murphy (Charlesland), S Desmond (Monkstown);
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  22. (10:50/15:10) T Collins (Dun Laoghaire), R Steedman (Courtown), A Ryan (Thurles);
  23. (11:00/15:20) H O’Hare (Fortwilliam), G Nugent (Kilkenny), S Carter (The Royal Dublin);
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