Leinster on track for Interprovincial double
Ciara Casey. Picture:  Pat Cashman Photography

Ciara Casey. Picture: Pat Cashman Photography

Leinster are on track for the double in the Women’s and Girls’ Interprovincial Matches at Shannon

The Leinster Girls continued their winning form on day two,  beating Munster Girls 7.5-0.5 and will need just a half with the Connacht Girls today to retain their trophy.
Ulster Girls beat Connacht Girls 7.5-05.

In the Women's Interprovincials, Leinster beat Munster 4.5-3.5 with future Maynooth University teammates Ciara Casey and Mary Doyle beating Kelly Brotherton and Shannon's Lisa O’Shea 4 and 3.

Munster's Sarah Cunningham and Karen O’Neill levelled the tie when they beat Meadhbh Doyle and Molly Dowling 4 and 3 but while Munster were up in three of the five singles, Leinster turned things around.

After Cunningham and Brotherton got the first points on the board for Munster, Doyle, Dowling and Ariana Coyle-Diez won 6 and 4, 3 and 2 and 3 and 2 respectively to seal a one-point win for Leinster.

Ulster beat Connacht 6-2 and now take on Ulster as Leinster face Connacht.

A win for both Leinster teams would ensure the double for sides captained by Mary Dowling and Stephanie McNiff.

Women's and Girls' Interprovincials, Shannon

Today - Thursday 13 July: Ulster vs. Munster, Leinster vs. Connacht
Day 2

Connacht 2, Ulster 6 (Connacht names first)

Women’s Foursomes

  1. Maeve Kelly & Maureen Keane lost to Niamh McSherry & Louise Coffey 8&6
  2. Shannon Burke & Anne McCormack lost to Jessica Ross & Louise Coffey 4&3
  3. Hilary Hall & Clodagh Hopkins beat Niamh Ward & Jennifer Fawcett 1 hole

Women’s Singles

  1. Shannon Burke beat Louise Coffey 1 hole
  2. Anne McCormack lost to Jessica Ross 8&7
  3. Zoe Collins lost to Jennifer Fawcett 5&4
  4. Clodagh Hopkins lost to Chloe Weir 2&1
  5. Hilary Hall lost to Niamh McSherry 5&3

Munster 3. 5, Leinster 4.5 (Munster names first)

Women’s Foursomes

  1. Kelly Brotherton & Lisa O’Shea lost to Ciara Casey & Mary Doyle 4&3
  2. Sarah Cunningham & Karen O’Neill beat Meadhbh Doyle & Molly Dowling 4&3
  3. Aoife Lowry & Paula Walsh halved with Ariana Coyle- Diez vs. Aedin Murphy

Women’s Singles

  1. Sarah Cunningham beat Ciara Casey 3&2
  2. Kelly Brotherton beat Mary Doyle 4&3
  3. Lisa O’Shea lost to Molly Dowling 3&2
  4. Aoife Lowry lost to Ariana Coyle Diez 3&2
  5. Karen O’Neill lost to Meadhbh Doyle 6&4

Girls’ Interprovincials Day 2

Connacht 0.5, Ulster 7.5 (Connacht names first)

Girls Foursomes

  1. Maeve Rooney & Sinead Lohan lost to Beth Coulter & Nicole Joyce Moreno 3&2
  2. Chloe O’Connor & Niamh Smyth halved Emma Forbes & Kate Dwyer
  3. Annabel Greham & Vicki Conlon lost to Maeve Cummins & Anna McVicker 6&5

Girls Singles

  1. Maeve Rooney lost to Beth Coulter 6&5
  2. Chloe O’Connor lost to Emma Forbes 1 hole
  3. Sinead Lohan lost to Maeve Cummins 6&5
  4. Annabel Greham lost to Kate Dwyer 7&5
  5. Vicki Conlon lost to Molly O’Hara 7&6

Munster 0.5, Leinster 7.5  (Munster names first)

Girls Foursomes

  1. Aine Donegan & Anna Dawson lost to Georgia Carr & Emma Fleming 1 hole
  2. Niamh O’Dwyer & Jemma Barry lost to Kate Lanigan & Ellen O’Gorman 7&6
  3. Shannon Hegarty & Niamh Carmody lost to Leah Temple Lang & Jan Browne 2 holes

Girls Singles

  1. Aine Donegan halved with Georgia Carr
  2. Kate McElroy lost to Kate Lanigan 3&1
  3. Niamh O’Dwyer lost to Anna Foster 4&3
  4. Anna Dawson lost to Ellen O’Gorman 3&2
  5. Jemma Barry lost to Emma Fleming 5&4.