Kaarnalahti in hat-trick bid at Castlerock
Finland’s Minna Kaarnalahti will be bidding for a hat-trick of Irish Senior Women’s Open Strokeplay titles at Castlerock from September 11-12. Picture Pat Cashman

Finland’s Minna Kaarnalahti will be bidding for a hat-trick of Irish Senior Women’s Open Strokeplay titles at Castlerock from September 11-12. Picture Pat Cashman

Finland’s Minna Kaarnalahti will be bidding for a hat-trick of Irish Senior Women’s Open Strokeplay titles at Castlerock next week.

In last year’s championship at Royal Belfast, as the winds strengthened even further than the two previous days, joint overnight leader Kaarnalahti fired a final round 76 to win by five strokes from Grange’s Sheena McElroy, who shot an 80 but still scorched through the field to finish second.

Local favourite Marlyn Henderson of Royal Belfast finished third after a closing 83 while 2010 champion Helen Jones from Royal Portrush slipped to fourth after an 85.

In 2011, Kaarnalahti fired a final round 77 to defeat Ireland’s Pauline Walsh, England’s Alison Bartlett and Jones by one stroke at Greenore.

A record 103-strong field featuring players from Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Scotland, Sweden, Wales and USA will be making the trip.

Indeed the strongest challenge to Kaarnalahti’s title defence is likely to come from the party of 34 Canadian stars, many of whom are making their debut at Castlerock.

With England and the USA also boasting strong contingents, Ireland’s hopes will rest with Irish Seniors Close champion Suzanne Corcoran of Portumna, who is currently on duty with her Senior International teammates at the European Senior Ladies Team Championships in Slovenia.

With Ireland defending the Nations Cup, this year’s tournament will be as competitive as ever with the majority of the field availing of additional practice for the British Seniors Open at Royal Portrush the following week.

Two 18 hole strokeplay rounds on Wednesday and Thursday will see the field cut to 50 for the final round on Friday.

The Irish party of just 30 will be keen to impress the selectors ahead of next week’s announcement of the Irish team to defend the Seniors Home International title in Wales in early October.


08:00 Judy Collins (CAN) Grainne Killen (Kilkeel)

08:10 Carolyn Kirk (ENG) Julie Green (CAN)

08:20 Valerie Shannon (Lahinch) Elisabeth Wendels (SWE) Pamela Burnside (CAN)

08:30 Lynn Arnone (CAN) Breda Strain (Portstewart) Elizabeth Neville (Bearna)

08:40 Teri deLuis (CAN) Mette Meyer Larsen (DEN) Vivien Saunders (ENG)

08:50 Phyllis Laschuk (CAN) Annie Gowing (ENG) Sigrid Johannesen (DEN)

09:00 Deb McDonald (CAN) Pamela Williamson (SCO) Niamh Giblin (Dun Laoghaire)

09:10 Mary Feenan (CAN) Barbara Biggart (SCO) Adrienne Crowley (Woodbrook)

09:20 Lyne Leclerc (CAN) Fionnuala McGrady (Dunmurry) Maija Reef (NED)

09:30 Susan Bell (CAN) Valerie Hassett (Ennis) Wanda Mochtar (NED)

09:40 Lauraine Letarte (CAN) Eileen MacMullen (Bundoran) Janet McGowan (ENG)

09:50 Janet Wilson (Royal Belfast) Beverly McGladery (CAN) Iet Hagels (NED)

10:00 Kathy Pilkey (CAN) Lily Owens (Malahide) Gabi Heuchel (ENG)

10:10 Mary Madden (Ballinasloe) Angela Colm (CAN) Sarah Arnold (ENG)

10:20 Catherine Reilly (The Heath) Janice Paterson (SCO) Diane Higgins (CAN)

10:30 Kathie Houghton (CAN) Pauline Walsh (Headfort) Diane Gall (USA)

10:40 Barbara Moysey (CAN) Mary Geaney (Killarney) Rosemary Watters (ENG)

11:00 Jackie Little (CAN) Sheena McElroy (Grange) Sally Krueger (USA)

11:10 Melanie Grant (CAN) Vicki Thomas (WAL) Kate Evans (RCD Ladies)

11:20 Minna Kaarnalahti (FIN) Pat Doran (Donabate) Rozalyn Adams (ENG)

11:30 Suzanne Corcoran (Portumna) Jane Rees (WAL) Mary Kay Zordani (USA)

11:40 Ivy Steinberg (CAN) Caroline Berry (ENG) Marianne Towersey (USA)

11:50 Amanda Mayne ( ENG) Alison Murdoch (CAN) Gertie McMullen (The Island)

12:00 Susan Dye (ENG) Diane Dolan (CAN) Violet McBride (Belvoir Park)

12:10 Mary Maclaren (Wellingborough) Susan Pearl (CAN) Cornelia Fischer (GER)

12:20 Elke Neumann-Drope (GER) Josee Deslauriers (CAN) Ruth Lindley (ENG)

12:30 Fiona Hunter (SCO) Marilyn Henderson (Royal Belfast) Helen Castonguay (CAN)

12:40 Ann Stahle (SWE) May Hughes (SCO) Diane Williams (CAN)

12:50 Holly Horwood (CAN) Ada Vrolijk (NED) Clodagh Hopkins (Woodbrook)

13:00 Sonja Gottschalch (DEN) Paula Murray (Naas) Linda Ward (CAN)

13:10 Helen Jones (Royal Portrush) Karen Pultz (CAN) Heather Anderson (SCO)

13:20 Heidi Simpson (Royal Portrush) Diana Maughan (CAN) Marilyn Field-Marsham (CAN)

13:30 Ann Monteith (Slieve Russell) Gill Snelson (ENG) Catherine Butler (CAN)

13:40 Toni McDonagh (Fortwilliam) Paulette Driscoll (CAN) Grainne Kane (ENG)

13:50 Robin Lee Monroe (CAN) Alison vans Agnew (ENG) Elaine Elborn (Bangor)


08:00 Diane Higgins (CAN) Rozalyn Adams (ENG)

08:10 Kate Evans (RCD Ladies) Jane Rees (WAL)

08:20 Pat Doran (Donabate) Mary Kay Zordani (USA) Caroline Berry (ENG)

08:30 Suzanne Corcoran (Portumna) Marianne Towersey (USA) Amanda Mayne ( ENG)

08:40 Ivy Steinberg (CAN) Alison Murdoch (CAN) Violet McBride (Belvoir Park)

08:50 Gertie McMullen (The Island) Mary Maclaren (Wellingborough) Elke Neumann-Drope (GER)

09:00 Susan Dye (ENG) Susan Pearl (CAN) Josee Deslauriers (CAN)

09:10 Diane Dolan (CAN) Cornelia Fischer (GER) Ruth Lindley (ENG)

09:20 Fiona Hunter (SCO) Ann Stahle (SWE) Holly Horwood (CAN)

09:30 Marilyn Henderson (Royal Belfast) May Hughes (SCO) Ada Vrolijk (NED)

09:40 Helen Castonguay (CAN) Diane Williams (CAN) Clodagh Hopkins (Woodbrook)

09:50 Sonja Gottschalch (DEN) Heidi Simpson (Royal Portrush) Grainne Kane (ENG)

10:00 Alison vans Agnew (ENG) Catherine Butler (CAN) Helen Jones (Royal Portrush)

10:10 Paula Murray (Naas) Diana Maughan (CAN) Toni McDonagh (Fortwilliam)

10:20 Ann Monteith (Slieve Russell) Robin Lee Monroe (CAN) Heather Anderson (SCO)

10:30 Linda Ward (CAN) Marilyn Field-Marsham (CAN) Paulette Driscoll (CAN)

10:40 Elaine Elborn (Bangor) Gill Snelson (ENG) Karen Pultz (CAN)

11:00 Judy Collins (CAN) Carolyn Kirk (ENG) Valerie Shannon (Lahinch)

11:10 Grainne Killen (Kilkeel) Julie Green (CAN) Elisabeth Wendels (SWE)

11:20 Pamela Burnside (CAN) Lynn Arnone (CAN) Barbara Biggart (SCO)

11:30 Breda Strain (Portstewart) Maija Reef (NED) Barbara Moysey (CAN)

11:40 Elizabeth Neville (Bearna) Susan Bell (CAN) Rosemary Watters (ENG)

11:50 Mary Geaney (Killarney) Mary Feenan (CAN) Lyne Leclerc (CAN)

12:00 Teri deLuis (CAN) Phyllis Laschuk (CAN) Deb McDonald (CAN)

12:10 Mette Meyer Larsen (DEN) Annie Gowing (ENG) Pamela Williamson (SCO)

12:20 Vivien Saunders (ENG) Sigrid Johannesen (DEN) Niamh Giblin (Dun Laoghaire)

12:30 Adrienne Crowley (Woodbrook) Fionnuala McGrady (Dunmurry) Wanda Mochtar (NED)

12:40 Valerie Hassett (Ennis) Lauraine Letarte (CAN) Iet Hagels (NED)

12:50 Eileen MacMullen (Bundoran) Beverly McGladery (CAN) Gabi Heuchel (ENG)

13:00 Janet McGowan (ENG) Janet Wilson (Royal Belfast) Kathy Pilkey (CAN)

13:10 Lily Owens (Malahide) Angela Colm (CAN) Diane Gall (USA)

13:20 Sarah Arnold (ENG) Catherine Reilly (The Heath) Kathie Houghton (CAN)

13:30 Janice Paterson (SCO) Melanie Grant (CAN) Mary Madden (Ballinasloe)

13:40 Pauline Walsh (Headfort) Jackie Little (CAN) Sally Krueger (USA)

13:50 Sheena McElroy (Grange) Vicki Thomas (WAL) Minna Kaarnalahti (FIN)