Golf’s New Big Hitters

England’s Joe Miller is one of the biggest hitters in Europe.The Long Drive European Tour sponsored by Hertz is quickly becoming a real spectacle for UK and world golf fans.

The lengthy drive is the real showpiece shot of any golfer’s itinerary, with most amateurs hitting well below 200 yards. PGA Tour players such as John Daly and Rory McIlroy hit the ball over 300 yards whereas players on the Long Drive European Tour (LDET) regularly hit the ball close to 400 yards.

The sport makes for a real spectacle as it really does come across as a feat of human physical achievement to transmit the force of your swing into projecting an object for a distance approaching a quarter of a mile.

We all have our views on technique versus brute force and it’s fascinating to see which techniques players on the LDET opt to use.

Sweden’s Andreas Persson is currently in hot competition with Englishman Joe Miller at the top of the rankings and things couldn’t be tighter, especially after Miller won the recent LDET Spanish Championship at Mijas, closing the gap to a very fine margin. Miller blasted out a 371.5 yard drive in adverse rainy conditions which, all golfers know, have a detrimental effect on driving potential.

Ripping it at PGA Catalunya Resort.English players have a strong record in the LDET with veterans like Dan Konyk and exciting younger players such 2012 champion Tom Hollingworth.

The Long Drive European Tour ulminates in Torremirona in Spain on the 22nd and 23rd of November and the winner will take a prize of €10,000. Persson sits top of the LDET rankings with a season’s best drive of 386.5 yards.

The tour travels through some of Europe’s best courses such as the Mijas Golf Club, La Manga, and the Prosper Golf Resort Celadna, whilst touring around countries as diverse as Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Britain, and Spain.

The game is played in sets of six balls. The balls must be hit within two minutes 45 seconds, and they must be within the bounds of the course to register. Precision needs to be combined with brute force to a certain extent.

The correct golf technique will always provide a long running and lively debate and it’s intriguing to see the style players use simply to hit the ball as far as possible.

Any golfer looking to advance their game should take an interest in the science of the LDET, as well as acknowledging the spectacle that the sport has recently become.