Garth McGimpsey will be back at one of hs favourite venues as Ireland hosts the Senior Men’s Home Internationals at Royal Coynty Down from Tuesday. England will get their defence of the Seniors Home Internationals underway with an opening match against Scotland while recently crowned European champions Ireland take on Wales at spectacular Royal County Down, writes the GUI.

Both contests commence at 8am - England/Scotland off the first tee and Ireland/Wales off the tenth.

Admission to the venue is free for the matches, and daily information sheets will be available on site from the GUI mobile office. Live updates will also be available on from the start of play.

1st tee - England v Scotland (England names first)

Foursomes (0800hrs at 10-minute intervals)

Richard Latham & Andrew Stracey v Iain Brotherston & Lindsay Blair

John Ambridge & Richard Partridge v David Gardner & Lindsay Gordon

Tyrone Carter & Chris Reynolds v Tony Paterson & John Fraser

Singles (1300hrs at 10-minute intervals)

Richard Latham v David Gardner

John Ambridge v Alan O’Neill

Charles Banks v Ian Brotherston

Andrew Stracey v John Fraser

Tyrone Carter v Lindsay Gordon

Chris Reynolds v Lindsay Blair

10th tee - Ireland v Wales (Ireland names first)

Foursomes (0800hrs at 11-minute intervals)

Arthur Pierse & John Mitchell v Nigel Evans & Glyn Rees

Tom Cleary & Michael Quirke v Andrew Williams & Paul Bloomfield

Adrian Morrow & Maurice Kelly v Basil Griffiths & Jeff Thomas

Singles (1300hrs at 11-minute intervals)

Garth McGimpsey v Keith Stimpson

Arthur Pierse v Glyn Rees

Tom Cleary v Andrew Williams

Michael Quirke v Paul Bloomfield

John Mitchell v Jeff Thomas

Adrian Morrow v Basil Griffiths.