Leinster slight favourites ahead of Girls' Interpros climax

Ulster’s Hannah Henderson. Picture Pat CashmanLeinster and Ulster drew 4-4 but go into the final day of the Girls’ Interprovincial Matches at Birr hoping to cruise to victory following afternoon wins over Munster and Connacht respectively.

Ulster beat Connacht 6 - 2 as Leinster defeated the defending champions Munster 4½ - 3½ to leave the matches delicately poised heading into the final day.

The morning session brought some tremendous golf with Ulster’s Irish international Chloe Weir gett her team off to a perfect start by defeating Leinster’s international Laura Doherty.

Julie McCarthy hit back for Leinster by defeating her International team mate Niamh McSherry on the home green.

With the next six matches being shared with three wins piece, both teams went into the afternoon with high hopes as Munster remained on track with a 6½ - 1½ win over Connacht

Connacht started brightly and were up in four matches during the early stages of the encounter, however Munster recovered from the set back to win six and a half points from the remaining eight matches courtesy of Caitriona Griffin, Tara Whelan, Ciara Magill Clodagh Jones, Lisa O’Shea and Mairead Martin for a convinging 6½ - 1½ win.

Connacht’s top of the order international Shannon Burke had a convincing win against Gemma McCarthy and Roisin Timothy halved her match against Paula Walsh before Munster got on top.

McCarthy made amends with a second round win over Leinster’s Julie McCarthy while her teammate Mairead Martin recorded a second impressive 6&4 winning margin and Paula Walsh won to remain unbeaten. 

Tara Whelan secured a great half against Leinster’s Meadhbh Doyle with a birdie putt on 18 but the half point for Leinster was just the difference they needed to ultimately take the point against Munster.

Ulster secured a point against Connacht, despite Connacht’s Shannon Burke leading her side impressively with another win and her team mate Roisin O’Brien winning the tail of the order match. 

Ulster’s mid order of Niamh McSherry, Hannah Henderson, Niamh Ward, Judithe Allen, Annabel Wilson and Claire Calvert proved strong with comfortable wins from each player.

Leinster players Laura Doherty, Ciara Casey, Rachel Taylor and Molly Dowling were all disappointed to lose their matches against Ulster but certainly made amends against Munster in the afternoon with each player winning their respective tie.  

Points Table (after round 2)

  1. Leinster   1½ pts
  2. Ulster      1½ pts
  3. Munster   1 pt
  4. Connacht 0 pt

Draw for Round 3, Thursday 22nd August

Connacht -v- Leinster (1st tee)

09:30 Shannon Burke -v- Julie McCarthy

09:39 Blaithin O’Brien –v- Laura Doherty

09:48 Maeve Rooney –v- Meadhbh Doyle

09:57 Maeve Kelly –v- Ciara Casey

10:06 April Timothy –v- Rachel Taylor

10:15 Noreen Maloney –v- Molly Dowling

10:24 Roisin Timothy –v- Eleanor Metcalfe

10:33 Roisin O’Brien –v- Clodagh Walshe

Munster -v- Ulster (10th tee)

09:30 Gemma McCarthy –v- Chloe Weir

09:39 Tara Whelan –v- Niamh McSherry

09:48 Catriona Griffin –v- Hannah Henderson

09:57 Ciara Magill –v- Niamh Ward

10:06 Clodagh Jones –v- Judithe Allen

10:15 Paula Walsh –v- Annabel Wilson

10:24 Lisa O’Shea –v- Clare Calvert

10:33 Mairead Martin –v- Laura McCaw

Results for Round 2, Wednesday 21st August

Ulster 6 - 2 Connacht

Chloe Weir lost to Shannon Burke 2&1

Niamh McSherry beat Blaithin O’Brien 6&5

Hannah Henderson beat Maeve Kelly 5&4

Niamh Ward beat Maeve Rooney 4&3

Judithe Allen beat April Timothy 2up

Annabel Wilson beat Noreen Maloney 5&3

Clare Calvert beat Roisin Timothy 2up

Laura McCaw lost to Roisin O’Brien 1up

Leinster 4½ - 3½ Munster

Julie McCarthy lost to Gemma McCarthy 7&6

Laura Doherty beat Catriona Griffin 4&3

Meadhbh Doyle halved with Tara Whelan

Ciara Casey beat Ciara Magill 1up

Rachel Taylor beat Clodagh Jones 3&2

Molly Dowling beat Lisa O’Shea 3&2

Eleanor Metcalfe lost to Paula Walsh 3&2

Clodagh Walshe lost to Mairead Martin 6&4

Results for Round 1, Wednesday 21st August

Munster 6½ - 1½ Connacht

Gemma McCarthy lost to Shannon Burke 8&6

Catriona Griffin beat Blaithin O’Brien 1up  

Tara Whelan beat Maeve Kelly 3&1  

Ciara Magill beat Maeve Rooney 4&3

Clodagh Jones beat April Timothy 2&1

Lisa O’Shea beat Noreen Maloney 6&5

Paula Walsh halved with Roisin Timothy  

Mairead Martin beat Roisin O’Brien 6&4

Leinster 4 - 4 Ulster

Laura Doherty lost to Chloe Weir 4&3

Julie McCarthy beat Niamh McSherry 1up

Meadhbh Doyle beat Hannah Henderson 3&2

Ciara Casey lost to Niamh Ward 5&4

Rachel Taylor lost to Judithe Allen 1up

Molly Dowling lost to Annabel Wilson 6&5  

Eleanor Melcalfe beat Clare Calvert 4&2

Clodagh Walsh beat Laura McCaw 4&2