I'm no bad loser - Sergio

From Brian Keogh in Tulsa

Sergio Garcia does not believe he was a bad loser at the Open.

The Spaniard, 27, complained bitterly at Carnoustie that he was "playing against a lot of guys out there, more than the field."

But he back-tracked at Southern Hills last night has he prepared to chase that elusive first major title.

He said: "I was emotional. I opened myself to you guys and I said what I felt. That's pretty much it.

"I didn't want to take anything out of Padraig winning the Open. I felt like I played well enough to win it and unfortunately it didn't happen.

"Definitely if a couple of breaks would have gone my way, it would have been a different story, but that's pretty much it."

Garcia cried in the locker room after his defeat but said he's now fully recovered after spending time with friends, playing tennis and going to the beach.

He said: "I guess it wasn't easy the first week after, a couple of days after. But you get over it. I just had some fun with my friends and played some different sports.

"I managed to get through it. Just tried to get all of the positive things out of it, and there were a lot of positives."