The Minikahda Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota

USA (Charles Coe) 8 

Great Britain & Ireland (Gerald Micklem, Eng) 3


Day 1


R. Baxter Jnr & W.J. Patton beat J.B. Carr & Dr. F.W.G. Deighton 2/1

W.C. Campbell & Dr. F.M. Taylor beat A.F. Bussell & P.F. Scrutton 4/3

A.S. Blum & C.R. Kocsis lost to R.R. Jack & D. Sewell 1 hole

H. Robbins Jnr & E.M. Rudolph halved with A.E. Shepperson & G.B. Wolstenholme

USA 2 Great Britain & Ireland 1


Day 2


W.J. Patton beat R.R. Jack 1 hole

W.C. Campbell beat J.B. Carr 3/2

R. Baxter Jnr beat A. Thirlwell 4/3

W. Hyndman III beat Dr. F.W.G. Deighton 7/6

J.E. Campbell lost to A.F. Bussell 1 hole

Dr. F.M. Taylor Jnr beat D. Sewell 1 hole 

E.M. Rudolph beat P.F. Scrutton 3/2

H. Robbins Jnr lost to G.B. Wolstenholme 2/1

USA 6 Great Britain & Ireland 2