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Walker Cup 1955

The Old Course, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland

Great Britain & Ireland (G. Alec Hill, Eng) 2 

USA (William C. Campbell) 10


Day 1


J.B. Carr & R.J. White lost to E.H. Ward Jnr & D.R. Cherry 1 hole

G.H. Micklem & J.L. Morgan lost to W.J. Patton & R.L. Yost 2/1

A.T. Kyle & I. Caldwell lost to R.D. Chapman & R.W. Knowles 1 hole

D.A. Blair & J.R. Cater lost to B.H. Cudd & J.G. Jackson 5/4

Great Britain & Ireland 0 USA 4


Day 2


R.J. White lost to E.H. Ward Jnr 6/5

P.F. Scrutton lost to W.J. Patton 2/1

I. Caldwell beat D. Morey 1 hole

J.B. Carr lost to D.R. Cherry 5/4

D.A. Blair beat J.W. Conrad 1 hole

E.B. Millward lost to B.H. Cudd 2 holes

R.C. Ewing lost to J.G. Jackson 6/4

J.L. Morgan lost to R.L. Yost 8/7

Great Britain & Ireland 2 USA 6