The Country Club, Brookline, Massachusetts

USA (Francis Ouimet) 9½

Great Britain & Ireland (T.A. Torrance, Scot) 3½


Day 1


J.W. Sweetser & G.J. Voigt beat R.W. Hartley W.L. Hartley 7/6

C.H. Seaver & G.T. Moreland beat T.A. Torrance & J.G. deForest 6/5

F.D. Ouimet & G.T. Dunlap Jnr beat J.A. Stout & J. Burke 7/6

D.K. Moe & W. R. Howell beat E.W. Fiddian & E.A. McRuvie 5/4

USA 4 Great Britain & Ireland 0


Day 2


F.D. Ouimet halved with T.A. Torrance

J.W. Sweetser halved with J.A. Stout

G.T. Moreland beat R.W. Hartley 2/1

J. Westland halved with J. Burke

G.J. Voigt lost to L.G. Crawley 1 hole

M.J. McCarthy Jnr beat W.L. Hartley 3/2

C.H. Seaver beat E.W. Fiddian 7/6

G.T. Dunlap Jnr beat E.A. McRuvie 10/9

USA 5½ Great Britain & Ireland 2½